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In Guatemalensis Spanish School you will find professional and friendly teachers  The staff of Guatemalensis Spanish School is highly qualified and professional      Teachers with experience only at Guatemalensis Spanish School


With a reliable administrative staff with more than 38 years of experience guiding tourists, teaching at university level and practicing mountaineering in Guatemala, Guatemalensis Spanish School can guarantee you a complete, integral, safe, human, successful, amazing, professional, affordable and of excellent quality program of studies, activities and excursions. 

Enjoy the learning of the Spanish Language in an easy way.    

    Guatemalensis teachers teach to every level and topic. Whether you are just beginning or you have studied it for years, our teachers can help you attain a higher level of comprehension. With our program our students can follow a specific program, or we can let you decide what topics interest you most. For example we can instruct doctors who wish to learn the language to communicate with their patients, travelers who wish to better comprehend the hispanic world, and even teachers who wish to improve their accents and grammar. At GSS you can study for a few days or a few weeks or months. We give you the liberty to choose.

     Our teachers are experienced, updated, talented, dinamyc, and motivated. They are selected through special grammar tests, under high quality rules, have a university degree, they have many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second Language for foreigners, are graduated from the university to teach it and are constantly trained and updated in the special methodology used in our School to give you an excellent and guaranteed teaching.

     They have a deep knowledge of the complex historical, social, cultural, political, anthropological, ecological, religious, economic situations and many other areas that affect the country and latin america. These topics are used as subjects for discussion, conversation, and study in class. Most students will study with the same teacher for the duration of their studies at GSS, this facilitates continuity in the learning process; during activities, excursions and coffee breaks, students will have opportunities to speak with other teachers and the staff to hear different accents and points of view. However, should a student wish to study with different teachers every one or two weeks, he or she may request to do so. We hire only the best teachers to teach you Spanish! All of our teachers and administrative staff  are graduated from fields of teaching and education.

Conversing in spanish from the first day of classes.

     Thereís nothing that I didnít like about the school. If thereís anything I would recommend to any newcomers, it would have to be to come with a mindset to learn Spanish. If youíre really not wanting to learn, then donít go to this school. The teachers here are amazing. They will teach you all you need to know about Spanish. It is your responsibility to study and learn yourself. The people ahead of this school, Rolando and Nora, are amazing people. They will take care of you. They will always make sure of how you are doing. They make learning Spanish fun . They plan excursions and activities for the school. On those excursions, you will have the chance to  practice speaking Spanish. This is also an opportunity to explore Godís creation. Carmen Bradford, U.S.A. 



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