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Admissions and Program fee


Program fee for classes, 5 days per week per person:       US$ 200.00
homestay (with a local family, 7 days) per week per person     US$   55.00
Total Program fee for classes and homestay per week per person:     US$ 145.00
Teaching hours/Week:      25 hours
Teaching days/Week:       5 days
Activity days/Week:       6 days
Homestay with a local family, days/week       7 days


You must pay the program fee in our national currency Guatemalan Quetzals per week or in the equivalent in U.S. Dollars.

(We maintain the price through the whole year)

Guatemalensis Spanish School is a professional school so, we have no hidden fees.

When you select, choose and sign in your spanish studies with Guatemalensis Spanish School you are enabling us to create and support job opportunities for many people (teachers, families, guides) in Guatemala.

If you want to pay in Euros, please make the change in the following link:    US Dollars to Euros    



      1) Long excursions such as to Semuc, Tikal, Monterrico beach, other beaches and other far places,  have diferent prices that are not included in the school tuition.

        2) If you arrive late in the afternoon or evening to Guatemala City, we strongly recommend that you stay over in Guatemala City and do not travel to Quetzaltenango during the night.  We can meet you at the airport and make board and lodging accommodations and transportation service for the next day for you.  Ask for our cheap Reception Service offer at Guatemala City, this is an excellent service and assistance to our students. 

You have two options how to enroll at Guatemalensis Spanish School

     1) You can enroll directly contacting Guatemalensis Spanish School: (gssxela@yahoo.com),


     2) through xelapages.com

How to enroll at Guatemalensis Spanish School through Xelapages. 

     To enroll through xelapages.com, each student must submit an application and a one time (non-refundable)
  $30.00  US Registration Fee. This fee guarantees your enrollment in the school and your room with a Guatemalan Family. This fee is used to help offset some necessary school administrative expenses.

     You may fill out your application and make a reservation online through our secure server,
 https://guatepay.com/reg_guatemalensis.htm   The Reservation payment methods are: Visa, MasterCard,  American Express, Money Order or Check.

    You may pay the Registration Fee using our secure online Reservation Form 
https://guatepay.com/reg_guatemalensis.htm     The Registration Fee is NOT part of your Tuition, which you will pay upon arrival.

    When your application and registration fee have been received, you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation at the school. Please remember that simply requesting classes by email does not guarantee you a space in the school.

The order position of schools at xelapages.com not necessarily represents the quality of the programs and schools.

To enroll through xelapages.com only guarantees your enrollment in the school and your room with a Guatemalan Family.

     If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us
 gssxela@yahoo.com us anytime!

Avoid  other more expensive/cheap, imitated, copied, bored and tedious programs!


Our normal program fee covers:

1) Spanish teaching (25 hours per week; 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday, one student to one teacher, with 1/2 hour a day morning break); use of classroom materials; coffee breaks (including daily fresh tea, coffee, fresh bread, pure water and others), access to the school library and other supplies and materials.

2) Room and board throughout the week (7 days) with a safe local guatemalan host family. Living with a host family includes: three complete daily meals, a private furnished bedroom, hot water, pure water for drink, shared bathroom, own keys and a relaxed family atmosphere.

3) Reception at the final bus station in our city, and conduction to your local host home in Quetzaltenango when you arrive to the school from Guatemala City.

4) Free WiFi at the school.

Note: Not included, extracurricular cultural and outdoor activities and excursions. Other personal expenses which can vary with each student such as: personal transportation from Guatemala City to our city when you arrive and when you leave, personal transportations and admissions during trips, tours and excursions, personal spending money and personal foods during excursions, trips, tours or activities, personal medical emergencies and personal emergencies, laundry, etc. but this doesn't represent a high cost.


     If you get sick or injured, we offer you Medical Assistance and/or Instructions (Medicines, Laboratory Services, Surgery and/or Hospitalization are Not Included)


     Each student must pay the complete tuition by the first day of classes or week by week. Payment must be made in  Guatemalan Quetzals. With our bank system, it is easy for the students to use Credit Cards to get cash. In addition, many stores, restaurants, banks, and hotels accept all credit cards. A Visa credit card may be useful if you plan to travel after your studies at GSS.


       If you want to pay your complete Program fee online using Credit Card, we can accept your payment through  xelapages.com                    


with a surcharge of 8 percent

     Applicants have the option of get more information using our representatives in USA and Europe writing to:

Europe   fransecky@quickline.com  ana@vonfransecky.de    raimund@vonfransecky.de  raimund.vonfransecky@rabochem.com

Europe      tberger2000@yahoo.de


Students can begin their program of study on any day.

      We recommend that reservations be made two or three weeks in advance to allow for processing time and we recommend that you do not use the public or postalmail system of Guatemala to send applications as it is very slow and unreliable.

      Enrollment can be made by email. Ask us for an Application form, we will send it by email and you can reply us your information by email. Fill out the Application form, your information will be matched with the best host family and teacher that best meet your requirements and needs.

      Be sure to inform us how many weeks you will study at the School. Tuition will be due upon your arrival. After we receive your Application (by e-mail), GSS will immediately send in less than 24 hours an email of confirmation and acceptance and additional important information that you will need or require, specially instructions and recommendations for your Travel.

     If you want to contact our representatives in Germany, information is available if requested.

     "We require that you stay the number of weeks that you contract with the School".  If you decide to extend or re-enroll for a further period of study than you contracted this presents no difficulty and we welcome you to continue.

Reservations and Applications

     A reservation should be made in advance. For more information about Alumni references, Testimonials,  Instructions for travel to Guatemala, Quetzaltenango and GSS, Advices and Warnings, please contact our School. You can contact us in English or Spanish, you will receive answer to your questions asap.

Physical address:

If you are in our city Quetzaltenango or Xela, please drop by to see the School & what we can offer you.

our address is:


19 AVENIDA 2-14 ZONA 1,



 If you have any questions or doubts at all, please don't hesitate to send us an email. We also speak  English and will endeavor to answer any queries you have as soon as possible.

email us to:

e-mail: gssxela@yahoo.com 

If you don't want to study spanish language, ask us for our hikes, tours and excursions through our authorized tour operator: Xinka Tours, our email is: xinkatours@gmail.com



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