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Australian students in the village of San Andres Xecul.  Spanish students from Guatemalensis Spanish School talking in spanish with a native woman at Panajachel shore

How to get to Guatemalensis Spanish School

  Thank you very much for your interest in our programs and for contacting Guatemalensis Spanish School.

     When you send your application form with your information, we will send you a confirmation  of your reservation and complete reception information if you want to travel by yourself from Guatemala city to Quetzaltenango, also called Xela.

     If you arrive late, we suggest that you do not travel to Xela late at night; it is better to spend the night in Guatemala city.

    We recommend that you follow the Reception service information (information is available if required); or refer to our "Hotel Suggestion" (information is available if required).

     We recommend you don't travel to our City, Quetzaltenango or Xela using second class transport, named "chicken bus" it is uncomfortable and unsafe, we suggest to use the first class buses such as Alamo or Linea Dorada.

     When you arrive to the guatemalan airport, the only document you will need is your passport, normally you will be given a visa for 30, 60 or 90 days.

     The official currency in Guatemala is the "Quetzal" and the most accepted international currency is the "American Dollar".

Reception Service Information

     If you arrive late in the afternoon or evening to Guatemala City, we strongly recommend that you stay over in Guatemala city and do not travel to Quetzaltenango during the night.  We can meet you at the airport and make board and lodging accommodations and transportation service for the next day.

Registration was very easy, and the staff friendly. I appreciate the extra services, meeting at the airport, meeting at the bus station, free internet, etc.  Over all, a very worthwhile experience. I would like to have had more time to stay at Guatemalensis. Gene Trantham, U.S.A.



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