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Spanish Students and guide at the active crater Santiaguito


Add much more value to your Spanish immersion studies.

Experience the lifestyle, traditions, mayan and spaniard heritage and the culture with Guatemalensis Spanish School

More, better, safer and authentic activities and tours for you! 


Also enjoy the amazing flavors of all of our gastronomy, of the best coffee of the world, of the ancestral chocolate, of the most tasty and ripe fruits, of the most natural and organic vegetables and meats, relishing dishes from the mayan gastronomy to the spaniard cuisine influence.


 Our building is our office, the outdoors is your classroom!

In your program you will participate in well organized and safe cultural activities and excursions, such as:

Mountaineering, excursions.

Hiking, trekking and biking. 

Cultural tours and trips.


Trips to coffee farms.

Trips to different mayan cooperatives (weavers, handicrafts, glass blowing, women).

Trips to mayan sites, altars, folklore and mayan culture.

Guided tours to touristic places.

Guatemalan cuisine classes, salsa clases, sports.

 ..and much more benefits for you!.

         All our outdoor activities and excursions are ever protected by a deep experience, communications, medical assistance and security.

Guatemalensis Spanish School students learning about the mayan culture at the archaeological site of Takalik Abaj.  Beautiful sunset at the Champerico beach located in the pacific coast of Guatemala.  With the Guatemalensis Spanish School program you have many opportunities of participate in excursions to experience the wilderness side of Guatemala.

      Activities are not scheduled during class time. The goals of the activities are to reinforce and facilitate your Spanish learning, to give you the opportunity to practice and use your spanish to communicate with guatemalans and to give you a better knowledge and understanding of the guatemalan cultural, social, educational, and economic realities while, at the same time, letting you have a lot of fun. There is, of course, no obligation to take part in the activities but we recommend the students to participate. We don't use the activities and excursions to obtain extra profits from our students.

High school students knowing about the traditions and mayan ceremonies in the western highlands of Guatemala.   Cooking guatemalan meals at the school Guatemalensis.

Villages, beaches, tourist places, churches, markets, mayan ruins,........and much more!  

     All our activities, trips, hikes, trekkings, excursions, etc., are guided by experienced, authorized, certified, registered  and responsible guides (not children nor unexperienced teenagers) and are conducted in such a way as to assure the safety and security of our students. We expect our students to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of the other school members. Guatemalensis Spanish School will not assume responsibility for any accident, injury, or loss that students may suffer if they decide travel by their own to other places or countries or with other programs or organizations during the time of study

     Our program of activities and excursions give you many opportunities for experience the local guatemalan culture, lifestyle, traditions, mayan and spaniard heritage. All our activities and excursions are created, planned and coordinated under high quality standards and security for our students and are given in an educative context.

   To learn and master other language improve your leadership skills.  Cooking class at Guatemalensis Spanish School, learning about the guatemalan gastronomy.

Xela is located in the western highland of Guatemala and presents you all the mayan and spaniard heritage in colorful indigenous markets.

Churches, Villages, Mayan sites, Colonial buildings, Volcanoes, Beaches, Touristic places, Lakes and Lagoons, Archaeology, Community Tourism, Hikes, Trekks, Tours, Excursions, Expeditions, Mountaineering, Birding and Birdwatching, Photography, Adventure, and much more!

Ask us for your package!

Spanish, Mountain and Adventure!

     Guatemalensis Spanish School is a well run institution. The teaching is entirely one-on-one, and while the teachers know English, the teaching is in Spanish so that students can practice  hearing and comprehend the Spanish language. After the five hour morning session there are extracurricular activities, such as trips to the near by volcano, or 16th. century church. Students are housed with local families to further facilitate their practice of Spanish. Students are also provided with free internet services if they wish to communicate with friends and family. All in all it is a great learning experience. Michael DeSonier. U.S.A. 

     This School is the best school in the world. The one on one instruction is really beneficial and the staff creates a very friendly and welcoming environment. Very Good! Josh Meyers, Australia

     This School has a great friendly and fun atmosphere. They make learning Spanish less difficult due to the one-on-one teachers, and all the teachers are understanding and patient with you. James Manning, Australia.




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