History of Guatemala


The city of Quetzaltenango is rich in history, the majority of its buildings reflects this.


  From the occupations of the Mesoamerican cultures, to the discovery, conquest, development of the colonial era and the republic until the present day, Guatemala is full of interesting and controversial history which you can know through our total immersion in the culture program.

and of course all in Spanish Language and only in Guatemalensis Spanish School, because the ours is a professional school and program!

  Visit interesting sites with our program of tours included in your program for learn Spanish Language at Guatemalensis Spanish School.


"GSS is a small and a professional language school. I studied here for four weeks and learned incredibly much about the Spanish language, the Guatemalan culture and the country. 

     By having one-on-one classes, the teacher can cater to the individual needs and wishes of the student. And even if you don not like the style of one teacher, you can change and try out someone new without any problems. 

     Classes are very intensive but also diversified; and you can also do things together with other students and teachers and learn Spanish as you use it.

     Nora and Rolando, the heads of the school, take such good care of the students. Almost every afternoon there are school activities like going to surrounding villages, or we had a Guatemalan cooking class, a barbeque on the roof of the school, week-end trips to the ocean, or to Lago Atitlán, we climbed a volcano, etc. – so you will never feel lonely, you can practice your Spanish and see a lot of Guatemala. And of course, you can express your wishes and tell them if you would like to see or do something specific.

     The great part about it all is that by going to GSS you are also doing something beneficial, because part of your tuition fee goes to the social Project of the school. Every Wednesday we went to one of the slum areas of Quetzaltenango and spent time with the kids who are being supported by GSS, doing homework with them and playing games outside – at least then, you have to practice talking in Spanish! :)

      I can only recommend GSS and hope I will be able to come back one day again! Stefanie Speh, Germany


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