Spanish language, culture, mayan Anthropology, Archaeology and History  

   High school students learning about the meaning of the mayan ceremonies.      Conference about the mayan cosmovision.     Learning about the meaning of the mayan dress.

Conferences and lectures about History, Politics, Social research, Spanish, Mayan Culture, Theology, Mayan Cosmovision, Literature, Society, Colonial Period, Anthropology, Archaeology, etc.

High School and University spanish students learning about the classic period of the mayan culture at a guatemalan archaeological site.

     Besides to learn the best and clearest Spanish Language, in Guatemalensis Spanish School you can learn more about:

The history of the Mayan, the Mayan pre-Columbian era,

The discovery, conquest, colonial, and the modern periods of the history of Guatemala,

The multiculturalism, the multilingualism, and the current multi-ethnicity in Guatemala,

The ethnic, social, cultural, politic and bio diversity,

The Maya worldview and religión,

The syncretism of the Maya spirituality and Catholicism,

The cycles of time and the mayan calendars,

The true about the Oxlajuj 13B'ak'tun,

The meaning of the numbers according to the mayan knowledge,

The meaning of the mayan pyramids architecture,

Why and how the mayans disappeared,

The mayan prophecies,

The politics along Guatemala's history,

The armed conflict in the 80's; the peace accords,

The free trade agreement; the human behavior of the guatemalans,

The culture, the contemporary society,

The folklore, customs, traditions, beliefs, practices, literature, linguistics and folklore of the guatemalan society

The impact of the education and the migration to the "north" seeking the american dream on the indigenous cultures,

The current urbanism, planning and development,

The globalization, modernization and the interaction of the guatemalans with the rest of the world, in a globalized society etc.,

and of course all in Spanish Language and only in Guatemalensis Spanish School, because the ours is a professional school and program!


Unforgettable experience in the heart of the mayan civilization.  You can visit interesting sites with our program of tours.

Image of the Great Jaguar in a mayan site.

     In the two weeks that I studied at Guatemalensis  language school I made profound progress in my ability to speak and understand Spanish. The teachers were experienced, knowledgeable, and intuitive, and their teaching approaches were tailored especially for the individual's varied learning style. Living with the wonderful host family offered another important element to the learning process, they were warm, hospitable, and experienced with students' varied abilities. Both the school and the host family offered a nurturing and accepting environment in which to learn many useful linguistic tools.Chris Vargas U.S.A.


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