City Tour

Cathedral located in front of central park in Quetzaltenango.

Duration of the tour: 4 hours


For know the best of Guatemala, start for knowing Quetzaltenango
Sunrise view from the top of a volcano. Come to practice the photography with us and get the best pictures of your life.

Quetzaltenango or Xela, Alive Highland


The best and safest city in Guatemala to learn Spanish language

in the safest and professional way



     Known as "Xelaju" or "Xela",  with an altitude of 2,333 meters above sea level (7654 ft.), you will experience warm sunny days, fresh nights and no tropical diseases, all year long; is the second largest and most important city in Guatemala. It is situated in the Guatemalan Western Highland at 210 kms from Guatemala City, the capital of the country and at 100 kms from the nearest pacific coast beach.

     Quetzaltenango offers you the opportunity to know the Mayan-Quiche cultural lineage because it is considered the cradle and heart of the Mayan-Quiche culture and the legacy of the colonial stage. It is the best place to study and learn the Spanish language because it has all the ideal conditions: the clearest and well spoken Spanish of Latin America, there are few foreigners to distract you from your immersion in the Spanish language, it is safe and tranquil, and has a magnificent climate. The normal temperature varies from 7 degrees C. early in the morning, to 21 degrees C. at noon.

          It is located in a valley surrounded by amazing landscapes including villages, mountains, volcanoes, and many colorful mayan tourist attractions of spectacular beauty, colonial buildings, historic monuments; with many cobblestone streets that invite the visitor to walk. Besides Quetzaltenango is at the same time a modern city with many parks, churches, universities, hospitals, clinics, banks, malls, markets, supermarkets, stores, hotels, restaurants, secondary schools, internet cafes, transports, taxis, gas stations, industries, factories, libraries, travel agencies, etc. Also being a center of trade of the western of the country.  

      Many friendly, cordial Spanish-speaking people will help you to practice and develop your new language skills as well as to educate you about the Guatemalan culture.  So, all our enrolled students have the opportunity to participate in activities (tours, hikes, excursions and trips) that put them in contact with the reality and diversity of our local and national culture.

          Handicrafts and traditions full of amazing colors represent our folkloric culture.


View of the central park of Xela or Quetzaltenango.   Colonial cathedral of Quetzaltenango   Post colonial theather for cultural representations.

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