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Experience a real and authentic living culture, Guatemala exotic land of magic and color.

 Heart of the Mayan World and cradle of the Hispanic culture.


Guatemala is also a modern country Ancestral mayan ruins

     Known as the "Land of Eternal Spring", Guatemala is the gateway to Central America. With 108,889 square kilometers, and with a beautiful topography, it offers an opportunity to explore and to discover verdant tropical rain forests, jungles, black volcanic sand beaches, cloudy mountains, active volcanoes, archaeological sites, cities, and towns with a Spaniard colonial historic ambiance.

     Guatemala is one of the countries with more cultures and ethnic groups, more than sixty percent of the inhabitants of Guatemala are indigenous with their own dialects (21 mayan dialects plus spanish and the garifuna and xinca dialects), preserving from the spanish conquest in 1524 their  traditions, culture, customs,  folklore, religion, gastronomy, traditional clothing, and agriculturally based lifestyles.

     In this country you can get to know a unique thing in the world: the Mayan ruins with all their historic heritage from the mayan civilization, the nature, the adventure, the colonial ruins and buildings and the modern lifestyle all at the same time, presenting the past with the present together.

Temples emerging from the jungle   


Colonial heritage in all cities.

     Besides these great reasons for study the Spanish Language in Guatemala, it is the most cheap, safe, friendly and affordable country in Latinamerica and in all the world to do it.

     Guatemala shows the world its diversity of fauna, flora, geography, wildlife, weather, landscapes, roads, people, mayan and spaniard archaeological sites. With enough touristic infrastructure including hotels and transport.

Guatemala is one of the favorite destinations in Latin America for learning Spanish through personalized methodology regulated by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala in different study programs.

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