Coffee Farms, Community Tourism


Come to see the real life of the guatemalan people in the farms.


Starting the production process of rubber at a guatemalan farm.    Coffee plantation at a guatemalan farm.

 Come to know the entire process of the coffee, green coffee, macadamia, banana, rubber, cardamom, from planting, growth, production, harvest, washing, drying, toasting and consumption.


coffee harvest time in Guatemalan farms.  Harvesting coffee in the south coast of Guatemala.   Experiencing the harvest of coffee at a guatemalan plantation

Country rich in fauna and flora       Knowing the drying process in coffee farms.

Coffee washing process during the harvest of this tasty product of Guatemala.        

     Guatemalensis Spanish School is a well run institution. The teaching is entirely one-on-one, and while the teachers know English, the teaching is in Spanish so that students can practice  hearing and comprehend the Spanish language. After the five hour morning session there are extracurricular activities, such as trips to the near by volcano, or 16th. century church. Students are housed with local families to further facilitate their practice of Spanish. Students are also provided with free internet services if they wish to communicate with friends and family. All in all it is a great learning experience. Michael DeSonier. U.S.A. 

     This School is the best school in the world. The one on one instruction is really beneficial and the staff creates a very friendly and welcoming environment. Very Good! Josh Meyers, Australia

     This School has a great friendly and fun atmosphere. They make learning Spanish less difficult due to the one-on-one teachers, and all the teachers are understanding and patient with you. James Manning, Australia.

     Guatemalensis provided me with one of the best expeciences of my life! Nora and Rolando are some of the kindest people I have ever met and the staff of teachers were all incredibly helpful and intelligent. There is no better way to get a quality Guatemalan experience than through Guatemalensis. I would recommend this school to anyone who expreses even an inkling of interest in learning Spanish. Stenn Jedele, U.S.A.




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