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        It is a pleasure to offer our services through our Tour Operator: Xinka Tours. Our tours, hikes and excursions can take you to know the Guatemalan history, the current indigenous cultures, and the descendents of the colonial cultures, and of course enjoying the adventure and the nature and touristic side of Guatemala.

Our guides are knowledgeable, certified, licensed, registered and authorized by the Guatemalan Tourism Institute, INGUAT, with university studies and with more than 38 years of experience guiding in the mountains and volcanoes of Guatemala.

Enjoy your vacations and travel time, ask us for our tours, hikes and excursions, we have the more affordable prices and a different way of doing tourism with safety for you !.



         Our city, Quetzaltenango and the western highlands of Guatemala are rich in history, from the mesoamerican pre-classical period to the colonial period.

           Many towns around Quetzaltenango are nested in the mountains and valleys around the city, with its colorful markets, indigenous clothes, churches, ceremonial sites, etc.

           You can be witness with your own eyes of these present living cultures and our guides can explain you everything during the tours, walks and excursions with authentic information not read or learned from Internet.

         Guatemala and the western highland can offer you many volcanoes, mountains, lakes, lagoons, valleys, villages, landscapes where you can enjoy stunning scenery, clean air, energy, etc.

            Guatemala has a fabulous biodiversity, over 8000 species of plants and over 738 species of birds and hundreds of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish make the country an interesting tourist destination.       





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