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Online vrs. Immersion Learning


          Surely you don’t remember all the scenes and dialogues of the last film seen on television, in the movies or through your computer monitor, but you remember the visited places and learned expressions from your latest trip, even what you spoke with the last person with which you spoke. What is the reason? Surely it is because what you have seen or heard you have lived it through your five senses and the elements of your soul have been involved as your feelings, will, character and mind, has even been a spiritual communion between you and the environment in which you have been.


          Psychologists and educators recognize that in any learning process, are involved memory processes, reasoning, through the deductive inductive method that by means of sensations, perceptions and representations is achieved by the apprehension of the knowledge.


          Spanish language learning is achieved in this way, with an immersion in the culture being this language so rich in expressions, words, meanings, grammatical structures, it is easier to learn it when it is made in contact with people, places, landscapes, in the end in contact with the culture.


        When it comes to learning a language with non-attendance system known as online, in addition to the defects in transmission of sound as the video, there are the defects involving only two senses: the sight and hearing which produces a weak learning process similar as the case when a person looks at a mirror and to withdraw from it after a few minutes can not remember what he saw, because the memory process was not complete, no feelings, sensations, perceptions nor representations, similarly with happens when it comes to acquiring knowledge by the method of “copy” and “paste” so classic now with the increased use of computers. Passing the information from the Internet to the computer’s hard disk without even going through the mind of the person. Online learning will work only when the human being replace their natural thought processes by a cyber mind or brain, which is absolutely impossible.


          It has been studied and shown that the percentage of memory retention is much higher when people live and experience something doing, touching, smelling, speaking, interacting and not only by listening and seeing a caller through a computer screen and some earphones almost always affected by static, distance, time correlation between sound and video.


          In conclusion: the best, most recommended and most retributive way to learn the Spanish language is by living it in an immersion trip in a country whose native language is the Spanish language and who is not also affected by mispronunciation, slurred speech, musical expression, etc., only in this way can be achieved to learn the correct pronunciation, expression, meaning, significance, understanding, and structuring of it.


         Ah.. and with the arrival or the pandemic, the online system of teaching languages and anything else became popular, benefiting only one side, the one who receives the payment, the one who is solving their economic problem and not the other side, the one who wants learn the language or something else. 

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