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We at Guatemalensis Spanish School are a team well trained for give you the best quality service teaching the spanisn language in Guatemala.

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          Welcome to the School that has success giving a unique Spanish language including outdoors, leadership,  communication and educative program that can help you to develop your own personal and potential style of leadership that will contribute to your own success in all the fields of your life.

           Leadership.  Training occurs throughout all your studies at Guatemalensis. Outdoors learning is often immediate; the experiences, confidence, competence, organization, security, teamwork, openness to questions, and skills gained can be used another day in other life situations.                        



          Leadership is an important aspect of survival. Leadership takes determination and ambition. I believe God gives every one leadership although they are all different. To be a leader you must also be a server. Teamwork goes hand-in-hand with leadership. One who has good leadership must also be able to work with a team. When we were walking up the mountains I was given encouragement and that gave me strength to keep going. Without teamwork nothing good can be accomplished. Just the same if we donít  have good leadership then nothing good can be developed. That is why leadership  and teamwork are so vital. No one would have the drive to keep going in any situation including hiking up a mountain. Ch. Seaman, U.S.A.

           I have learned that leadership takes a lot of working together. You canít leave people behind and then expect them to obey you. There is a lot of teamwork involved. As a leader you have to make sure everybody is doing good. That is what I have come to think leadership is. B.M. Tandy, U.S.A.

          To me leadership is a huge responsibility. Whether you are leading a group in the jungle or leading praise and worship in church. Leadership is taking a stand and doing what you think is right for you and the group. Leadership is taking the knowledge and skills God gave you and using them. Leadership isnít about being the ďmachoĒ guy, its taking and using the wisdom, strength, and courage found only in God. J. McLean, U.S.A.

           If you want to learn Spanish, learn about a culture and have fun at the same time, Guatemalensis is a great school to attend. I spent around 4 months studying at the school and my experiences there are invaluable. I learned a lot about the language and culture and my level of apprehension has increased dramatically. The teachers are extremely qualified and are flexible to each individual students need. I would definitely recommend attending Guatemalensis Spanish School. Mitchell J. Gort, U.S.A.

             Aside from the teaching, I was also impressed by the "family" atmosphere at Guatemalensis.  Nora and Rolando care very much about their school and their students, and it shows I never felt like just another student passing through. The directors and the teachers are wonderful about helping with even the little things, like calling hotels for reservations, and also about tailoring teaching methods or activities to meet various students' specific needs.

           Lastly, the activities were great and varied, and the costs very fair. I heard students from other schools saying they had to pay much more for the same things I was able to do for less at Guatemalensis.

           Overall, I would and will highly recommend this school!!!"  Brooke Weberling. U.S.A.



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