Host Families

Our students learning a lot of spanish language.


The students of spanish language live with local families as part of the immersion program

Students participating in our program are housed with Guatemalan families who have been carefully selected by Guatemalensis Spanish School.  Students share many services  with another members of the family and receive three meals a day.  Most homes are located very near the School.     

Come to taste the flavor of our land!

With our Spanish program, all our students live in spanish speaking families, which offer an interesting and amazing experience in the guatemalan culture and lifestyle. 

 As part of our Total Immersion Program, our experienced families give you another opportunity to practice your newly acquired language skills every day with the family members as you directly experience first hand the customs and present-day Guatemalan lifestyle and enjoy the hospitality and cordiality of the guatemalans.

 All our host families are very friendly and hospitable and all our students are always welcomed as one member of them.

 All our host families live within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from GSS and all are selected under high standards of quality service and work with GSS from many years ago.

 All the hosting service is continually checked for maintain a high quality of services to the student.

 In order to live with a family, you must be enrolled in the School. There are just one or two students per home, which allows the student to be treated as a member of the family and not as an outsider staying in a boarding house or hostel, and in our host families you won't be harassed, stolen or raped (female students).

 Each family provides a private, furnished, illuminated and  ventilated room, 3 complete daily meals during all the week (experience with vegetarian students), purified water for drink and other services such as: hot water shower, bathroom, personal keys for the house and room, except laundry.

 If requested, couples, families travelling with children can live with the same family. In our experience it is recommended to live in a host family, to avoid to be exposed to risky situations (illness, robberies), but if the students want, they can make their own arrangements for room and board (hotel, hostel, apartment).



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