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Guatemala owns a variety of destinations for the learning of spanish which can be also enjoyed by experiencing the nature, the biodiversity, the ecotourism, the sun, the beaches, the volcanoes, the adventure, the Mayan and colonial cities, the culture, the traditions, and the exquisite gastronomy.

Improve your Spanish! There's no better way to improve your Spanish-speaking skills than to immerse yourself into the culture.

           Rich in both natural and cultural heritage, Guatemala presents travelers with a wide variety of exciting and amazing landscapes. At Guatemalensis we organize hikings and excursions for tourists that want to take advantage of all Guatemala has to offer.

          Guatemala land of many mountains, lagoons, jungles with 37 volcanoes from which 3 are active, are waiting for you. Our team of guides are certified, registered and authorized and with many years guiding in volcanoes and mountains. Moreover, our excursions can be tailored toward the wishes of our tourists.

          All our hikings, and excursions are created, planned and coordinated under high standards of quality and security for our  tourists and students.

Hanging bridges with Guatemalensis Spanish School

Biking with Guatemalensis Spanish School in the highlands   Mountaineering with Guatemalensis Spanish School

  Trekking with Guatemalensis Spanish School

Rock climbing with Guatemalensis Spanish School  The unique spanish school with rock climbing into its program     Rock climbing with Guatemalensis Spanish School

Trekking and hiking with Guatemalensis Spanish School    Zip line with Guatemalensis Spanish School

Unforgettable excursions into your spanish program

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