With our program at Guatemalensis Spanish School  you can get the opportunity of know of first hand the natural life in Guatemala.

Our program of total immersion at Guatemalensis Spanish School includes tours, hikes, excursions into the nature of Guatemala and the western highland.



Guatemala has a fabulous biodiversity, over 8000 species of plants, over 738 species of birds and hundreds of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fishes make the country an interesting tourist destination. 

All Guatemala and especially the western highlands are filled with tourist places where you can have fun, enjoy, relax and recharge with new energy.



nature, Biodiversity and real outdoors only at gss!

Guatemala, rich in natural resources in fauna and flora, offers to the tourists the possibility of enjoy their vacations in contact with the nature.

Guatemala is rich in fauna, you can see many different species of birds in the excursions of Guatemalensis Spanish School.


Hiking in a coffee plantation in the western highland of Guatemala, learning about the nature and history of the coffee with the Guatemalensis Spanish School program.


   Do you want to know about the Coffee plantations in a farm in Guatemala, Guatemalensis Spanish School has the program.





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