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A rest during a hiking, naturally practicing spanish.


  Chicabal lagoon, nested in the mountain with the same name.  Developing new friendships in our excursions.

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Overall, my week has been very positive. All the teachers and people affiliated with the school have been extremely welcoming and friendly.I absolutely adore the family I have stayed with. Everyone (including the kids) have gone out of their way to make me feel involved and ensure everything is going well, I only wish my spanish vocabulary was larger so I could have had longer conversations with them, but I only studied one week. Sarra Hale-Stern, U.S.A.

The school was absolutely amazing. Along with learning a lot of Spanish, I also learned a different culture and way of living. The school was different than all the others. The staff took interest in your life. They cared about what you wanted and what was best for you.  Nora and Rolando always had and activity for us. They take the best care of each student in the school. The activities were a ton of fun. They took us to the hot springs, the lake, we climbed Santa Maria volcano, and much more. I met and made friends with people all around the world. I loved the school and I would come back in a heart beat. J. A. McLean. U.S.A.

If you are the least bit interested in learning Spanish, I highly recommend Guatemalensis. Rolando and Nora are the best and their warmth shows in everything they do. As a bonus, Quetzaltenango is a beautiful city. And do yourself a favor, hike the volcano with them! Jon Middleton, U.S.A.

There’s nothing that I didn’t like about the school. If there’s anything I would recommend to any newcomers, it would have to be to come with a mindset to learn Spanish. If you’re really not wanting to learn, then don’t go to this school. The teachers here are amazing. They will teach you all you need to know about Spanish. It is your responsibility to study and learn yourself. The people ahead of this school, Rolando and Nora, are amazing people. They will take care of you. They will always make sure of how you are doing. They make learning Spanish fun . They plan excursions and activities for the school. On those excursions, you will have the chance to  practice speaking Spanish. This is also an opportunity to explore God’s creation. Carmen Bradford, U.S.A. 

With so many Spanish Schools to choose from in Xela and Guatemala in general, I was unsure how to choose among the many options available. I was drawn to Guatemalensis Spanish School because it was the only one I could find with all positive feedback. After studying here for 4 weeks, I can see why. The school is small, professional, and takes its work seriously. But it is still a lot of fun -all the teachers and the owners, Rolando and Nora, are not only excellent instructors but also fun to be around. The School offers well-structured individualized instruction, and optional activities (hikes, treks, trips to towns and hot springs, etc.) on the weekends. I had a great stay here -I learned a lot from a great and had a wonderdul time. I highly recommend Guatemalensis Spanish School for anyone looking to study Spanish in Latin America with individualized instruction, fun stuff to do outside of class, and all for a great price!. Christopher Propst, U.S.A.

A friend of mine heard of this Spanish School in Guatemala from friends who had visited this school some years before. They liked it very much and because of that we decided to go there, too. At the beginning I couldn't speak spanish at all, but 5 weeks later I was able to make a conversation in Spanish. The time at the school was very funny, too. We have only been three students because it was out of season. Because of that we could always decide which activities we wanted to do. There are a lot of diferent things you can do around Xela and it has always been very funny with the teachers and the owners of the school, Nora and Rolando. Now I can say that the time I spent at the school was very nice and the spanish I learned was more that I espected. Cheers! Martin Guddy Gutmann, Germany.

"On a recent trip to South Africa I was lucky to meet a german couple who had already been to GSS about seven years earlier and still remembering of having had a great time there. Inspired by this couple I finally decided to do the same and later ended up studying spanish for 5 weeks at GSS. Now I can say it was a good decision! The quality of education in my opinion is very good here and I am quite impressed by the amount of spanish you can learn in such a short time. Furthermore I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere during the breaks and activities. The directors well knew how to mix seriousness in the education and fun during all the rest of the time."  Otra vez muchas gracias por los buenos tiempos! Rémi Koelling, Germany

Guatemalensis is an excellent school that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. The quality of the instruction is very high. The teachers are very flexible and allow you to concentrate on the topics and issues that interest you most. I arrived with almost no prior exposure to the Language and left two months later reading books in Spanish and making Guatemalan friends. What makes the experience especially rewarding is the warmth and openness with which Nora and Rolando receive all their students. The school feels more like a family than a business, which makes learning not only easier much more enjoyable. Nora and Rolando also choose excellent host families to take care of their students. My family was incredibly kind and welcoming, and treated me very much like I was part of the group. All in all, I was very pleased with my experience, and hope that anyone considering learning Spanish considers doing so at Guatemalensis.  Bethany Neumann U.S.A.

 In the two weeks that I studied at Guatemalensis language school I made profound progress in my ability to speak and understand Spanish. The teachers were experienced, knowledgeable, and intuitive, and their teaching approaches were tailored especially for the individual's varied learning style. Living with the wonderful host family offered another important element to the learning process, they were warm, hospitable, and experienced with students' varied abilities. Both the school and the host family offered a nurturing and accepting environment in which to learn many useful linguistic tools. Chris Vargas U.S.A.

I studied at Guatemalensis 8 weeks. The thing that impressed me the most was the way everyone was nice and helpful to me. Showing very warm friendliness, the school owners Rolando and Nora, the teachers, and the host families all did much more for me than one could normally expect from a language school. I would particularly recommend Guatemalensis to individual women students, because they will take very good care of you. During my stay, Nora and my host mother were very conscientious in giving me advice about how to keep safe during daily life and when travelling. Thanks to them, I was able to enjoy my time in Guatemala with great peace of mind. Moreover, the school did an excellent job of arranging excursionssuch as horse riding and mountain climbing activities and trips to hot springs , beaches, and nearby towns. Their planning and participation made it possible for me to greatly enjoy various kinds of excursions that I wouldnt have been able to participate in without their support. I think it likely that everyone who studies at Guatemalensis will shed some tears when saying good-bye to the school and have a strong yearning to return and meet all those lovely people again. Aiko Masaoka, Japan

Two years ago I took a group of my high school Spanish students to this school for a two-week interim program, and it was one of the best educational experiences I've ever had as a teacher. Nora and Rolando became good friends of ours. They are incredibly caring and devoted to their work. I have nothing but positive memories from the experience. We had no trouble at all as far as safety issues with our students. They all stayed in host families (one student per family), as did I, and this helped enhance the experience. We also enjoyed cultural events at the school in the evenings and beautiful hikes to see the nearby volcanoes. I can't wait to go back with another group of students. B. Schletty, U.S.A.

I took classes at the Guatemalensis School in Quetzaltenango (Xela) for four weeks during November and December of 2008. I found this to be a very rewarding experience, for many many reasons. Here are just a few:

Xela is a perfect location for a language school. It is a great learning environment for a number of reasons. First of all, it is safe. I was able to feel part of the city without worrying about my safety, which was very important. It enabled me to feel what it’s like to live in Guatemala. My host family provided everything for me; most importantly, during these four weeks it was like my home.  

The language instruction was also very good. The individual 1-on-1 training catered to my specific Spanish ability. In addition, the many extracurricular activities and excursions supervised by the teachers taught me more than one can learn in a classroom. And these excursions went well beyond mere tourism; they were more about meeting and learning the environment and its people than just some sightseeing tours.

The school’s directors Nora and Rolando were a big reason why I enjoyed my time in Xela so much. They weren’t just directors, they were friends. Each day during breaks, they ate snacks and talked with us students. It seemed like they enjoyed our company as much as we did theirs. I had the feeling they weren’t just there to run a school – they were actually concerned about our progress and wellbeing.

The Guatemalensis School is more than a mere language school. It also organizes projects to help those in need in Xela. “Learning Spanish and helping others” isn’t just a motto here – it is for real. Year in and year out, the social projects organized by the Guatemalensis School help 25 children afford education. I had a chance to meet the children involved and to feel part of the projects as well. I learned an unbelievable amount from these experiences.  

All in all, through my host family, the activities at the school, and the social projects, I now feel a real connection to Guatemala. For me, it’s no longer just a country somewhere in Latin America. I am confident I will return. Adrienne Günzel, Berlin, Germany

I studied at GSS for 4 weeks in February 2009. I went there knowing very little Spanish, but my instructor showed tremendous amounts of patience as I butchered the language to begin with. But after those 4 weeks I felt that I came away with a solid foundation from which I can continue studying. Having the same instructor in a 1 - 1 basis was essential to my progress. Also knowing that my fee went in part to helping a small community was fulfilling. Visiting those kids and seeing their smiles when we arrived was the highlight of my trip. I recommend GSS to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of Spanish and at the same time doing something to give back to the community. Michael Leck, U.S.A.

Nun war ich ein Monat in dieser Schule und soll meine Meinung da zu schreiben…Subjektiv natürlich…. Guatemalensis Spanish School ist eine kleine Schule und deswegen sehr familiär geführt von dem Ehepaar Nora und Rolando. Sie und die lehrerinnen bemühen sich sehr um das wohlbefinden ihrer Schützlinge und helfen und unterstützen wo es möglich ist. Die Gast familien sind ausgewählt und haben Erfahrung mit Verüchztheiten und Wünschen “Extranjeros” Aber zu sagen ist Guatemala ist Guatemala und ka un nicht mit Europäischen Maβstäben verglichen werden!. Zu den Lehrerinnen, soweit ich sie kennen gelernt habe, sind sie alle gut organisiert, nicht auf den Mund gefallen und haben viel Erfahrung im Unterrichten. Nach mittags aktivitäten und Lusflüge gibts natürlich auch, aber sollte jemand mehr auf “Fun” als auf lernen aus sein, würde ich mich vorher erkundigen wie es mit anderen Studenten aussieht, oder eine gröβere Schule empfehlen. Hängt jedoch stark von den anwesenden Studenten ab. Ich zum Beispiel war 19 und somit die Jüngste in dieser Zeit mit einigen 30 und 60 Jahrigen. Sophie Thérèse Stöttinger, Austria

Guatemalensis provided me with one of the best expeciences of my life! Nora and Rolando are some of the kindest people I have ever met and the staff of teachers were all incredibly helpful and intelligent. There is no better way to get a quality Guatemalan experience than through Guatemalensis. I would recommend this school to anyone who expreses even an inkling of interest in learning Spanish. Stenn Jedele, U.S.A.

Guatemalensis is by far the best school here! I had the best experience of my life here with all of the wonderful people, the sight-seeing, and activities. The four weeks I spent here were so incredibly fun and wow did I learn a lot! There is no better way to learn spanish because you spend 5 hours at one-on-one learning each day and it's necessary to actually utilize your knowledge. The people you meet here are extremely hard to say goodbye to and the memories you'll make will surely last a life time. I wish I could stay here forever! Allison Peuler, U.S.A.

To whom it may concern,

This is just a quick note to let people know about Nora and Rolando's Spanish School in Xela, Guatemala. I attended the school for two weeks in June 2009 (wish I could have stayed longer) before coming to Guatemala I had only studied a little Spanish by myself back in Australia and upon arriving I would say my speaking skills were quite basic although I could understand a lot of what was being said. However after two fun filled weeks living with my excellent host family and studying everyday at the school, by the end of it I had people believing Id been speaking Spanish for years!!

In all seriousness I attribute this to three factors, firstly my 'most excellent, excellent teacher 'Lucia' - her enthusiasm and energy was really incredible aswell as her technical skills and unmatched ability to always be able to find an example I could utilise and understand in advancing my skills. Secondly, the school itself and its wonderful hosts Nora and Rolando who take an active interest in the goings on at the school and always ensured I was happy and satisfied with everything - Bravo!! And lastly, my Host family who became my new family for my time spent in Guatemala, wonderfully warm and generous with their time not to mention the glorious local food I enjoyed at their home.

All in all I cant say enough about Guatemalensis, if you're serious about improving your Spanish and meeting some good people while you're at it I can definately recommend this school. William Skelly – Sydney, Australia 

Guatemalensis is a wonderful smaller school in Xela. I studied Spanish there in July 2009 for one week. My teacher Claudia was great – she customized the schedule according to what was most important for me to learn.  One week was way too short for an absolute beginner, but I managed to achieve a much better understanding of Spanish as well as basic conversational skills. I love the school owners Nora and Rolando – thank you guys for the amazing experience ! They always try to help and give advice and organize fun events throughout the week.  One of the reasons why I chose Guatemalensis was that the school is not-for-profit. A big part of the tuition goes to a social project where local families are supported. Visiting those families and bringing them food was one of my most memorable days in Guatemala. I highly recommend the school to everyone who likes a more personal environment. Everybody knows each other here and you’ll always hear lots of laughter in every corner of the school. Claudia Hehr, New York City

5 semaines absolument ideales a la Guatemalensis Spanish School : une prof ultra competente et sympathique, une famille adorable, des activites variees et interessantes et des rencontres enrichissantes... De plus Rolando et Nora, les responsables de l'ecole sont toujours la pour aider un etudiant qui en a besoin. En bref, je recommande chaudement cette ecole a qui veut apprendre rapidement et agreablement l'espagnol tout en decouvrant le Guatemala!!   

I’m 15 and came to brush up on my Spanish for school. I found that I could study and have a lot of fun at the same time. My teacher, Rosario, is a lot of fun and has a great sense of humour. At first I was very shy, but I soon acquired confidence and started having conversations in Spanish. I now understand and can use subjunctive much better than before I came. The lessons are very clear and easy to understand. Guatemalensis is a great environment to learn or study Spanish as lessons are 99 % in Spanish. (The other 1 % is the student looking up a word because they can’t remember it.) I recommend Guatemalensis Spanish School to people who are serious about learning or studying Spanish. Cécile Cornelus, France

I had a wonderful time studying at the Guatemalensis Spanish School. Five weeks ago, I would never have expected that I would be speaking in Spanish. Today I am debating politics and telling jokes in Spanish –it is a miracle. Thank you so much for the wonderful family you have created at Guatemalensis. I am grateful for the professionalism of your teachers. You always challenged me to work harder but never let me forget that I should be having fun. Again, thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I hope to return very soon! Sincerely, Alice Jean Suh, Korea/USA.

"Guatemalensis is a laid back alternative to some larger schools in Xela because here you really get to know not only your instructor but also the other teachers as well as the owners of the school. I often saw large groups of students from the US walking around Xela in groups speaking only English, but in the smaller setting of Guatemalensis I was able to really focus on learning SPANISH". Micah Schwartz.USA

Guatemalensis is an excellent intensive Language school I'd recommend for anyone interested in a personalized learning experience. In only two weeks I learned enough of the verb tenses as well as received much of the culture and historical education about Guatemala and specifically the Quetzaltenango region. The students and teachers shared several day trips to regional markets, and geographical delights, like volcanoes. The entire host family that Guatemalensis arranged for me was generous, warm, and incredibly supportive of my learning process. Blake Nemec U.S.A.

To whom concern:  I would highly recommend Guatemalensis Spanish School to any person or organization. The owners are very professional and caring. They have provided excelent teachers, accomodations and the school es exceptionally Clean, Safe and located in a great location. I interviewed 10 other schools and picked this one. I will proudly recommend Guatemalensis to all and hope to return for further education. I believe the experience of the school is one of their keys to their success. Great School, Great Owner/Operators, Great Teachers. Thanks –your friend.  Bill Sario, U.S.A.  2-25-2010

If you are thinking about learning spanish in Xela, you cannot go past the vibrant and authentic Guatemalensis. We spent three weeks at Guatemalensis and loved every minute of it. School directors Nora and Rolando are committed to ensuring you are completely happy with every aspect of your experience, be it accomodation, schooling, social activities or Xela life in general! They are also alot of fun. In three weeks we both made great progress with our spanish thanks to the highly professional and dedicated teachers. We also enjoyed the benefit of salsa lessons, cooking, cultural talks, trips to local hot springs, saunas and climbing every volcano in sight! Feel free to email us at mikejclarke@gmail.com if you want any more information or have questions about our experience. Kate & Mike, Australia

I came to Guatemalensis having taken only one semester of Spanish previously. After only 2 weeks I have improved drastically! 5 hours of Spanish one -on- one, staying with a host family and taking local trips have all contributed to my improvement. I recommend the school highly and hope to return as soon as possible. Valerie Stanton, U.S.A.

My name is Larry Owens. I spent 3 weeks in Xela, Guatemala. It was a great experience to learn and interact with people of a different culture. This Spanish that I have learned is going to help me in school. In the past years I have failed Spanish class 2 years in a row. I am now in my senior year of high school, I know for a fact that I will pass with flying colors. Nora and Rolando have been a great help for me and my future, I hope to study Spanish often now that my 3 weeks are up. I believe that knowing more than one language can help me get a better job than others. I would recommend if you come to this school for about 3 weeks you would be speaking in paragraphs. I would like to thank Nora and Rolando for helping me in a way that my school was not able to. Larry Owens. U.S.A.

J'ai étudié pendant 5 semaines l'espagnole à Guatemalensis spanish school.Ce fut une expérience très positive. Mon professeur, Gilma, était super flexible et à adapté son cours à mes besoins. Les activités étaient très chouette. Je retiendrai tout particulièrement l’ascension du volcan Santa Maria. Je recommande cette petite école à caractère familiale à tout ceux qui veulent apprendre l'espagnole et en même temps découvrir la culture guatémaltèque. Maxime Dewandre, Belgium

When I came to Guatemala I didn’t know at which school I was going to study, but after talking with Nora for just a little while I knew it was going to be Guatemalensis. The last 7 weeks of classes, and excursions to different villages and volcanoes has been a blast! All of the teachers, as well as the directors of Guatemalensis are more than eager to converse with and help the students whenever we need it. The main objective of the school  really is to help the student and make sure we get the best possible education. When I first started classes here I didn’t have much previous education in Spanish. Because of this the first couple weeks were a little challenging when trying to converse with the teachers but they were more than patient with me and this made learning all the easier. After 7 weeks I believe I have a good feel for the language but there is still a lot for me to learn. I look forward to continuing my Spanish education in the near future, and when I do come back I will definitely study again at Guatemalensis! I Would recommend this school to anyone and everyone who wishes to study in Xela, Guatemala. It has been an experience I will never forget!. Craig Segebarth, U.S.A.

 I really enjoyed everything here in Xela I think, One-on-One teaching is especially effective for learning spanish, and the special circumstances (Xela) also can help a lot of students to learn more than they thought they would. School also provides various types of activities which are really interesting to foreign eyes and living with families was pleasant experience, too. If anyone is thinking about which place could be the best to learn spanish, I will recommend Guatemalensis Spanish School in Xela, Guatemala, withouth hesitate. Eun Seon, Yun Korea

 I enjoyed every minute of the almost 3 weeks I attended Guatemalensis Spanish School.  I would definitely recommend it to any student interested in learning or improving their Spanish vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation skills.  I learned far more than I ever thought possible in this time with no previous Spanish, and am now able to have a conversation in present and past tenses, find directions, understand books movies and newspapers, participate in activities, and obtain goods and services.

Nora and Rolando work tirelessly to support a diverse and well organized curriculum that includes lessons delivered in various ways to suit different learning styles. There are also many opportunities to participate in free or inexpensive trips and activities that offer a wealth of enjoyable physical and cultural activities in the region, including Mayan ruins, hot springs, hiking trips, and more.  They have over 20 years of experience running this great school and hosting students from all over the world from different backgrounds and levels of expertise.

The teachers were all very professional, patient, organized, and well trained and adjusted their pace to match that of the students.  During the time I was there, no student ever had anything but great things to say about the school (unlike quite a few other schools described by other students I met) – several enjoyed it so much they returned for more lessons during their travels.  The home stays also were all well spoken of – both an economical way to live and visit, plenty of great local food, as well as an excellent opportunity to practice Spanish conversation and meet others. J. Krakowski, Canada

Mi experiencia en Guatemala: Yo siento que mi experiencia en Guatemala fué bien. Yo aprendí mucho acerca de la cultura guatemalteca y la cultura de los Mayas. Mi experiencia en Quetzaltenango fué interesante porque es muy diferente de Corea o los Estados Unidos. Por ejemplo, muchas personas en Corea o Estados Unidos hacen énfasis en estar teniendo muchas cosas, pero aquí, muchas personas hacen énfasis en la persona. En la mayoría del mundo, muchas personas no están feliz pero yo pienso que la mayoría de los guatemaltecos están muy felices. A mi me gusta Guatemala porque yo pienso que la gente está feliz. En el futuro, yo quiero regresar a Guatemala para estudiar más. Yo estoy muy triste ahora porque yo voy a regresar a Costa Rica mañana en la mañana. Yo no voy a olvidar las ropas de los indígenas, la escuela que se llama Guatemalensis, mi familia de Guatemala y a mi maestra. La ropa de los indígenas fué de muchos diferentes colores e interesante porque no hubo la ropa similar en Corea. Las personas en la escuela fueron muy amables y yo no voy a olvidar, especialmente mi maestra, mi familia de Guatemala fué amable también y nos dieron comida todo el tiempo en que Eun y yo estuvimos aquí. Entonces yo no voy a olvidar mi experiencia en Guatemala. Mee Kyung Choi, Korea

If your goal is to acquire a mastery of the Spanish Language in a Safe and hospitable environment, then the Guatemalensis Spanish School is a great choice. I have been to the school twice, for 2 two-week classes, and have learned enough to feel comfortable on the streets and countryside of Guatemala. The owners, Nora and Rolando are extremely accomodating. They are kind and very informed. Learning Spanish through an immersion experience has been an incredible experience for me. If you choose to come to this school, you will learn Spanish, and you will learn much about yourself and life. With great sincerity I recommend the Guatemalensis Spanish School. Joe Engelbrecht, California, U.S.A.

Guatemalensis showed us the ropes to Xela in just a few hours. We spent the days learning Spanish in the street markets, on the terrace, and seeing things both near and far. Our homestay was completely authentic and flexible, as was the entire experience. Jonathan Katzenberg. U.S.A.

I had a fantastic experience with Guatemalensis Spanish School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Nora and Rolando are amazing directors who plan the best excursions and activities and are there for help whenever you need it. The teachers here are phenomenal and are truly interested in improving your spanish skills in whatever area you need. I really connected with my teacher. The school is beautiful and in a great location in Xela. My host family lived right around the corner from the school. The family was welcoming, nice, and caring. Xela is a city rich in experience and culture. The citizens here are nice and willing to engage in conversation. With the Guatemalensis Spanish School, you really experience Xela as a Guatemalan. All the places you go to see and experience make you love Xela. I’ve been here for a month and have improved my spanish skills phenomenally. This was a truly valuable experience, and I hope to return again very soon. Evan Lege, U.S.A.

Gracias Guatemalensis! I had a fantastic week and learned loads of Spanish! Conor Hurley, Ireland

Although I was only able to study at Guatemalensis for two and a half weeks, I can honestly say I learned so much. I studied French for three years in high school and college, but I am sure I already know more Spanish after this short time here. Not only that, but I am more confident in my Spanish because I have been forced to use it in this setting, both at school and in my daily life here in Guatemala. The one-on-one teaching environment allowed me to practice and learn at a pace that was comfortable for me. I am convinced that this kind of immersion is the best way to learn a language.  My teacher was intentional with me, making sure I understood each lesson.

Also, Nora and Rolando (directors) looked out for my husband and I like we were their own. They let us give input on what kinds of activities we wanted to do on the weekends. They were great hosts and gave us helpful information for our further travel in Guatemala. I would highly recommend studying Spanish at Guatemalensis.

I studied at Guatemalensis nine years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, I didn’t practice and I forgot much of what I learned. However, after being here for another two and a half weeks I am mostly back up to speed.  This is a wonderful school and I have greatly enjoyed studying here again! The one-on-one teaching with native Guatemalan teachers is hard to beat. The teachers here understand some English, but mostly speak Spanish with their students in order to teach them to understand Spanish more rapidly. Living with a host family provides ample opportunity to practice Spanish and share life with the locals as well. Guatemalensis organizes activities twice during the week and on weekends as well. They asked us what types of activities we were interested and tailored the activities to our liking. There are several language schools in Xela, but in my opinion Guatemalensis Spanish School is the best one. The directors and teachers are passionate about teaching Spanish and sharing their culture with the students. I think GSS is definitely the best value in town! Dave and Bethany Garth www.garthsontour.com

When I arrived at Guatemalensis Spanish School, I knew almost no Spanish. After only 8 classes I could talk my way through the streets of Xela, have conversations at restaurants and understand when I was spoken to in Spanish. Nora and Rolando are great hosts. I was welcomed and felt very comfortable. The teachers are excellent! I really learned Spanish. There are many beautiful places to visit, I will be coming back! Lauren Sario, Calif., U.S.A. 11-25-2011

For anyone looking for complete immersion Guatemalensis is for you. Not only do you leave with the ability to speak a new language, or master one you might have studied in the past. You also leave with friends in a new country. This is not just a school, it is an experience and you leave here feeling like it will be a part of you forever. You learn not only a language, but you learn about a culture and nothing is more priceless than knowing you have been able to help someone as well. Without question I would come again. I heard about this school through a friend and I feel like word of mouth is the only way to know that a place is great. Oh, and if you can request it, stay with Ana Maria. She is without question, the best cook you will ever have. Joanne Wilkinson, New Cork, U.S.A. 11-25-2011

Having studied at Guatemalensis for a total of eight weeks over two years, I would not hesitate to recommend it to any prospective Spanish student. At every stage Nora, Rolando and the teachers are happy to tailor your experience to best accomodate your needs and interests. For example, because I love history, we visited the ancient Mayan and Olmecan ruins at Takalik Abaj. Better still, everyone at Guatemalensis is unfailingly helpful, patient and kind –everyone always asked me how my host family was and joked all the time. Whether your Spanish is excellent or you can only say “hola” or “piñata”, Guatemalensis will provide you with an unforgettable stay in Xela. I hope very much that I’ll be able to return.  Elizabeth Barnes, U.S.A., Summer 2012

"You don't know what you've got till it's gone" just attended another Spanish School in Honduras and it made me appreciate Guatemalensis much more. Keep up the good work Nora y Rolando. John #2 John Elmore, Canada.

Guatemalensis Spanish School is a great place for beginners to learn the basics of conversation or experts to polish their grammar and practice specialized Spanish. Activities several times a week are perfect for exploring Xela and the surrounding towns and nature. Nora and Rolando are great tour guides, full of fascinating information and jokes about every site. Guatemalensis teachers are very helpful and patient, and classes vary from just practicing conversation to reading spanish books, from grammar exercises to walking around a market naming fruits and vegetables. The homestay houses are very close by, and all the families are welcoming. Guatemalensis is a great school, with a beautiful building, accomodating teachers, and plenty of fun excursions. Emily Barnes, U.S.A.

Dear Rolando and Nora,
    Thank you for ALL the time and attention you have provided our son, Will. He had a wonderful time and said his experience 'exceeded all his expectations!' Please give our kindest regards to his Xela 'parents'. Will told us his Xela parents were 'the best a person could have.' He is already making plans to return next summer! Fondly,
Laurie Stewart Mai

This is hands down the best spanish school on the planet. If you even thinking of trying to learn Spanish, this is the place to come. Thanks for a wonderful 2 weeks! Amir Erez, U.S.A

If your goal is to acquire a mastery of the Spanish Language in a Safe and hospitable environment, then the Guatemalensis Spanish School is a great choice. I have been to the school twice, for 2 two-week classes, and have learned enough to feel comfortable on the streets and countryside of Guatemala. The owners, Nora and Rolando are extremely accomodating. They are kind and very informed. Learning Spanish through an immersion experience has been an incredible experience for me. If you choose to come to this school, you will learn Spanish, and you will learn much about yourself and life. With great sincerity I recommend the Guatemalensis Spanish School. Joe Engelbrecht, California, U.S.A

My stay in Xela was wonderful. I was not sure what to expect when I came down, but it exceeded my expectations! The host faamily was very kind, I felt safe where I was staying and had amazing food! The school was also very helpful, I came to Guatemala knowing no “Español”. My teacher was very passionate and help me learn important words, verbs, phrases, and over all how to have conversations and how to hear “Español”. I not only learned, but also did activities. I saw a volcano erupt, which was amazing! we went to the hot springs which was beautiful and our teachers brought us around town to see the culture.

After a week in Guatemala I know more “Español” than I could learn in a year of Español in an English teaching school. I will definitely be returning to Xela for more schooling. One week was not nearly enough. I hope to come back next year for more schooling. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in being fluent in Español and for anyone that is interested in seeing different cultures. Overall I had an amazing time in Xela and will be returning!  Jessica Dismuke.

Loved Guatemalensis Spanish School. All the staff were very attentive and friendly. My teacher spent a lot of time working with me to improve my communication skills and I definitely feel more confident now. The owners of the school are great. They are vey helpful and spend time getting to know you. They are more than happy to set up extra activities for you to do. Also, the school is very flexible and can accomodate to pretty much anything you need. I would definitely recommend this Spanish School! Holly Stafford.

I think that everything went really well this week for Jessica and I. One thing that we weren’t sure of were “the rules of the house” that we were staying at. For example, we weren’t sure if we were able to go out after certain hours of, if we were allowed to bring back “cervezas” to enjoy at night. We traied our best not to be rude and I think that worked, but we were just guessing. Other than that everything was excellent Lesvia and Rosario put together very effective lesson plans even though we were here for only one week. Everyone was very friendly and we felt very welcomed. We will definitely be recommending this school.  Patrick Hennessey.

Thank you Nora and Rolando!  This is my second time studying at Guatemalensis Spanish School! I loved it so much the first time that I wanted to return. And this time I brought my wife. I have also recommended the school to others, and they have loved it too!   Unlike the owners of other Spanish Schools I have attended, Nora and Rolando really get involved with the students and they go out of their way to help. They even join in on the excursions and activities (and there are plenty)! I have learned a lot, and my Spanish continues to improve. I will continue to recommend others to Guatemalensis!  Thank you for another great experience!  Nick Stafford.

I had a wonderful time here in Xela, I stayed with a family of 5, 3 boys, and that definetly was not a problem, the whole family woudl always greet me ¡Hola Sylvain! When we went on trips my host mother would accomodate lunch times or make sandwiches. We went on 3 trips a week: the weekdays in afternoon and Saturdays in the morning. We visited volcanoes, hot water springs, other small towns and more. It's really nice that Nora and Rolando go on the trips with the students. If you ever have a problem Nora and Rolando live really close to the host houses. In free time you'll get to  visit Xela's many markets. Do not come here without trying all the fruits that are in season. Nora or your teacher will tell you which fruits are safe. On an academic standpoint, I covered nearly all of the grammar necesary for Spanish in 5 weeks!. Not to mention you will be fully immersed and using the spanish you learning the whole time. I haven't been to other spanish schools but I assure you won't be disapointed here at GSS. Sylvain Cornelus. France.

Our family (mom, dad, and 5 kids ages 6-17 years) spent 9 days at Guatemalensis Spanish School during summer 2013. We had a WONDERFUL experience.  The teachers were careful to tailor instruction to the varying degrees of Spanish proficiency that our children brought.  Our kids enjoyed each teaching session (even the teens).  Rolando and Nora were excellent hosts/guides for excursions to the Fuentes Georginas, El Mirador del Santiaguito, and were able to facilitate a meaningful service project at an outlying public elementary school.  Our 14 year old son complete his BSA Eagle Scout service project as part of this experience.  Our homestay experience was fun and educational; and close to the school. We would not hesitate to recommend Guatemalensis to families considering a Spanish immersion experience in Quetzaltenango.  We wish we could have stayed longer!  Kevin P., Medford, OR, U.S.A.

V Gvatemali sem obiskala dve šoli. Prvo v Antigvi, drugo v Xeli. Moram priznati, da je bila druga več kot veliko boljša. Gvatemalensis Spanish School je šola, ki je res individualno usmerjena in ki zadovolji vse potrebe uporabnika. Šola je majhna, lastnika sta veliko časa prisotna in izvajata tudi aktivnosti v popoldanskem času in ob koncih tedna. Pripravljena sta pomagati tudi pri načrtovanju potovanja vnaprej. Res sem se dobro, prijetno počutila tako v šoli kot tudi pri družini. Naučila sem se ogromno. Učiteljica Mireya je vsak dan pripravila aktivnosti – nekaj slovnice, branja, reševanja vaj ter veliko pogovora. Prav tako je sproti opažala, katera so moja šibka področja (predlogi, uporaba por/para) ter razložila in poiskala ustrezne vaje za napredek.  V nasprotju z mojo prejšnjo izkušnjo, lastniki in učitelji niso naveličani svojega dela, temveč se zelo trudijo, da se učenci pri njih dobro počutijo. Če bo le možno, se bom vrnila!

In Guatemala I visited two schools, and Guatemalensis Spanish School was much better than the previous one. They found teacher who had same interests as me and we really worked on very well. The school is small, the owners Nora and Rolando are there most of the time, ready to help with any problems or questions the students have (planning the trip afterwards, any kind of warnings for hiking, visiting places). The activities the school had where the one I wrote in my application form (hiking, meet culture, native people …). I was learning Spanish for a year before I came there, but I started using it properly as I lived and learned in Xela. I spoke Spanish with family, in school and during the activities in the afternoon. It was really great. I’m planning to return – to the same school and same teacher.Spela Elizabeta Soklic,  Eslovenia

また帰ってきたいなと思える学校でした。Eri Sochi, Japan

Although I still have a lot of work to do to improve my spanish skills, I fell I have made tremendous progress due to the high quality of the instruction at Guatemalensis. I have spent years trying to learn on my own without formal instruction, but have been unsuccessful. I have a strong base on which to build now. I will be back. Chris Coutts. U.S.A.




西藤憲佑 28/09/2012  Muchas gracias. Me alegro que hubiera encontrado a Rolando y Nora. Y le agradezco mucho que haya pasado el buen tiempo con usted.  Un abrazo, Kensuke Saito, Japan 

      Ich war 4 Wochen in der Schule von Nora und Rolando. Die Schule bietet neben „Ein Lehrer – ein Schüler“ auch in der Freizeit Aktivitäten an. Alle Lehrer haben mehrjährige Erfahrung, sind pünktlich und sehr freundlich. Es wird individuell auf die einzelnen Schüler eingegangen. Ich war jetzt das 2te mal dort und ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen der Spanisch verbessern oder frisch lernen will. Nebenbei ist Xela eine wunderbare Stadt mit freundlichen Menschen, gutem Nachtleben und schlönen Kaffeehäusern.

       I was 4 weeks in the school of Nora and Rolando. Besides „one on one“ – classes organizes the school activities such as hiking, salsa classes, video watching. All teachers have yearlong experience, are on time and really friendly. I was there the second time and every time it is a wonderful experience. I can fully recomend the school to everybody who likes to improve spanish or is a completely beginner. Besides that Xela is a wonderful city with nice people, good nightlife and lovely cafés.  Alexander Wiesinger, Austria, 2017

Guatemalensis Escuela de Español is an amazing school. It is a total immersion program for 5 hours a day! They are very professional and caring. They do a very good job of providing the best learning environment to meet the needs of each individual student. They also offer a variety of activities and excursions to enjoy outside of the classroom and to further enhance one's learning. In my opinion this is the BEST place to learn Spanish for a very affordable price! Brent Miller, USA, 2017

J'ai profité de mon voyage en Amérique Centrale pour prendre des cours d'espagnol au Guatemala. J'ai découvert l'école Guatemalensis à Quetzaltenango grâce à la recommandation d'un ami et je peux à mon tour que la recommander. Les professeurs et la direction étaient très professionnels et habitués à travailler avec des étudiants étrangers. J'ai pu orienter les cours sur mes besoins tout en profitant des conseils de mon professeur attitré. Malgré mon peu de bases, ma progression a été rapide et je suis maintenant capable de voyager sereinement avec mon niveau d'espagnol acquis. L'environnement de travail en classe était très agréable, l'école dispose d'une grande salle calme et même d'une terrasse, le tout au centre de la ville. L'immersion était totale si l'on rajoute la famille d'accueil et les activités proposées par l'école! Grégory, Fribourg, Suisse Marzo 2017

Je ne regrette pas du tout d’avoir choisi l’école “Guatemalensis”. Les propriétaires y sont gentils, attentionnés et chaleureux. Les enseignantes sont compétentes, à l’ecoute de nos besoins et trés patientes. J’ai pu beaucoup améliorer et pratiquer mon espagnol en seulement une semaine de cours! Merci pour tout Ariane Boulanger, Canada, 2017

"I was not expecting to study Spanish or go to Guatemala this summer, but when my sister needed a travel partner I couldn't resist. I was blown away, both by the school and the country. First of all the immersion melded the bits of Spanish that I already knew into something usable. Then, through the one on one instruction, I learned a lot. My ability to read, understand, and speak improved tremendously in only one month - my first formal study. The excursions were fantastic for learning about the culture and history of Guatemala and for exploring the gorgeous scenery with the directors, who are certified guides and can take you up volcanoes safely. They also made sure we were safe and comfortable in our travels and our stay with a very kind Guatemalan family. I would highly recommend this program for its organization and personal care". Emily Wellham, June 2016

     Although I still have a lot of work to do to improve my spanish skills, I fell I have made tremendous progress due to the high quality of the instruction at Guatemalensis. I have spent years trying to learn on my own without formal instruction, but have been unsuccessful. I have a strong base on which to build now. I will be back. Chris Coutts. U.S.A.

      My time spent in Xela studying at Guatemalensis Spanish School was worthwhile. My ability to speak and to understand Spanish improved considerably. The directors and teachers helped with anything I needed. It is a great place to learn more Spanish and more about the people and culture of Guatemala. Clair Wolters.

       If you are looking for a great Spanish School. This is it. Great place great people!!! the experience of a lifetime!! Dan Norman. U.S.A.

       Ich war 4 Wochen in der Schule von Nora und Rolando. Die Schule bietet neben „Ein Lehrer – ein Schüler“ auch in der Freizeit Aktivitäten an. Alle Lehrer haben mehrjährige Erfahrung, sind pünktlich und sehr freundlich. Es wird individuell auf die einzelnen Schüler eingegangen. Ich war jetzt das 2te mal dort und ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen der Spanisch verbessern oder frisch lernen will. Nebenbei ist Xela eine wunderbare Stadt mit freundlichen Menschen, gutem Nachtleben und schlönen Kaffeehäusern.

       I was 4 weeks in the school of Nora and Rolando. Besides „one on one“ – classes organizes the school activities such as hiking, salsa classes, video watching. All teachers have yearlong experience, are on time and really friendly. I was there the second time and every time it is a wonderful experience. I can fully recomend the school to everybody who likes to improve spanish or is a completely beginner. Besides that Xela is a wonderful city with nice people, good nightlife and lovely cafés.  Alexander Wiesinger, Austria, February 2017

An der Guatemalensis Spanischschule bietet sich die Möglichkeit an, tolle Aktivitäten mit zu erleben. Diese reichen von Besuche von Märkten mit diversen Früchten und Gemüsen, über das besuchen von Märkten mit wunderbaren Handarbeiten der Ureinwohner Guatemalas - den Mayas. Zudem kommt man wahrscheinlich ebenfalls in den Genuss, einen der Vulkane zu besichtigen die Xela umgibt. Mit etwas Glück kann man sich von der Aktivität des Vulkans vom tollen Aussichtspunkt selbst überzeugen. Die Vulkane ermöglichen nebst der Besichtigung, andernorts ein wunderbares Erholungsbad im natürlich temperierten Wasser an, oder auch eine Sauna die durch die abgebende Wärme entspannt. Auch kleinere Wanderungen und Spaziergänge in üppiger Natur finden statt. Kolibris in diversen Farben gilt es zu sichten. Oder den Bauern beim bewirtschaften des Landes zu sehen und einige Worte mit den herzlichen Menschen austauschen. Wer gerne etwas in den Kult der Mayas eintaucht, kommt an der herrlichen Lagune namens Chikabal dazu. Ein Ort der eine Magie versprüht. Ein schönes Erlebnis bietet auch die Fahrt mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel - mit dem Bus unterwegs sein. Die Guatemaltekos und auch die Mayas und ihre Herzlichkeit erleben. Vamos!   Daniel Hohl, October 2017

10/10 Would RecommendI very much enjoyed my time here with Guatemalensis. The one on one tutor style of learning really helped me improve my Spanish. The staff is amazing, and they brought me on daily excursions: around the city, to near by villages, and even on hikes up some nearby volcanoes. My host family was amazing as well, plus all meals are included and my mom was an amazing cook. I also had time on the weekends to explore the rest of Guatemala, like the ancient Mayan Ruins in Tikal, which were incredible. I look forward to coming back one day. Noah Wright, June 2018

I studied at Guatemalensis and traveled with Xinka Tours for over 2 months. The experience was fantastic, and I enjoyed every moment of it. The teachers at the school are very knowledgeable and are patient with their students. Furthermore, Nora and Rolando are amazing, they genuinely care about their guests and take pride in the curriculum. If you want to experience the heart of the Maya World and be immersed in the Spanish language, then Guatemalensis is a great fit. Michael Fisher July 2018

“I had an awesome time at the Guatemalensis Spanish School. The directors and teachers are all very friendly and have years of experience teaching Spanish. My teacher was Gabriel and he was amazing. In 3.5 weeks I went from knowing extremely basic Spanish to conversing and comprehending in past, present, and future tense. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about the Spanish language and is a very hard worker. He was prepared before every lesson and even took time out of his weekends to prepare vocabulary words that are pertinent to my career. He’s also very down to earth and caring...and loves to play ping pong! I would highly highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.

I also volunteered at the dental clinic in Clinicas de Cooperacion Alemana. It was a great experience and I was able to gain valuable skills working with the children there. The directors were very kind and we never felt ostracized or separate from the clinic team. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m glad to have had the opportunity." Josh Sok August 2018

Learning Spanish with the Guatamelensis school and their fantastic teachers have been a great experience I would recommend to anyone. With it's affordable prices for one on one lessons with highly qualified teachers who have taught for years, I can see the difference in my knowledge of the language and the confidence to speak it. For anyone who is interested in learning Spanish, I recommend spending several weeks in Xela with the teachers to be comfortable in speaking, reading, and writing in the language. Ethan Suh, August 2018

스페인어를 배우고 싶어 하신다면 과테말렌시스 스페인어 학원을 강력하게 추천 합니다.경력많은 선생님들과 저렴한 가격의 일대일 수업부터 학원통해서 겪을수있는 문화체험까지, 과테말랜시스 학원은 Xela 뛰어난 학원입니다. 저의 경우에는 3 반동안 스페인어를 배우면서 쉽게 현지인들과 대화할수있는 자신감이 생겼고 스페인어를 충분히 읽고쓸수있는 능력이 생겼습니다. 다른언어를 배운다는것은 어려운만큼 보람있는 일입니다-도전하고 싶어하신다면 과태말렌시스 학원을 추천합니다. Ethan Suh, August 2018

Good day, I wanted to let you know that Joaquin made it home safely on Sunday morning. His connection flight in Atlanta, GA had a delay but he had a pleasurable and safe trip. Thank you for the hospitality, teachings and guidance that you and your team provided him. We look forward to another visit in the future. Ayana Gates. August 2018

Friday will be last day with Guatemalensis. Both of you have been my teachers, guides, friends and family; and have been exemplary in all  the 4 roles, for that I am very grateful. Once again, thanks for everything. It has been an incredible experience. Thank you very much. Rajiv Dhingra, August 2018

Guatemala. What an enriching solo travel experience. Barely spoke a word of English the whole time and had the pleasure of meeting some of the most kind and knowledgeable people at the Guatemalensis Escuela de Español. This one was a huge step for me personally and allowed me to squash a majority of my fears about teaching a language at the college level that's not my native tongue. I'm already planning my trip back to keep my promise and hike up a volcano with Rolando. Gabrielle Rose

My family and I spent 8 weeks studying Spanish and experiencing Guatemala with Guatemalensis, Nora and Rolando were immediately welcoming and full of knowledge and adventure. Our family enjoyed our time with individual tutors and the trips escorted by Nora and Rolando. Our tutors were well suited and flexible for each of our individual personalities and abilities to speak and learn Spanish. We have three young children with tons of energy, and Nora and Rolando welcomed them at all times. Nora and Rolando guided us through their culture with ease and important tips to stay healthy as we adjusted to a new environment. Our family thouroughly enjoyed our time in Xela and hope to return again!. Holly Phillips, February 12, 2019.


I did a 2 week stint at Guatemalensis Spanish School and its sister organization Xinka Tours in Aug, 2018. I had an incredible time from the get-go. I highly recommend it to all those who want to imbibe some Spanish.

Nora and Rolando were very helpful and accommodating to all my requests and needs - that my classes start 2 days after my initial contact, that I have a female instructor, that my excursions be centered around hiking, and more. The home stay that they arranged for me was nearby with a friendly family where I had a room to myself. My instructor was well trained in teaching Spanish as a second language to adults and became good friends with me. The school was neat and clean, a nice student-teacher environment to spend 4-5 hours a day. There was a nice balance of learning, excursions and free time. Both Nora and Rolando were be there every day to greet the students and to chit-chat a bit.

I hope to make it there again to improve on my Spanish skills.
You should have no hesitation in choosing them. Rajiv Dingra, August  2018



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