Groups of teenagers, youths, high school, college and university students.

Group of youths on the summit of the Santa Maria volcano.


They deserve the best School, enroll them where their skills and leadership is developed and are not harassed!

Guatemalensis Spanish School is the right school and program for them!

   Guatemalensis Spanish School has long experience teaching Spanish Language as a foreign language to groups of high school, college, university, outdoor, ministerial from church students. Also has administrative experience to manage all the hosting service and all the Activities and Excursions for these kind of groups. Despite the fact that students come in groups, each one receives personal attention in teaching, hosting, communication, safety and security, etc., In our program and methodology students can also conduct researches, to do service learning, develop their leadership and broaden their vision. We strongly recommend that underage students come accompanied by adults such as parents, teachers, professors, etc. If this is not possible, we strongly recommend that the students follow and obey our instructions and recommendations, specially those related to her/his behavior and personal safety.

Dynamic students from the USA at Guatemalensis Spanish School    Last day of classes and activities at Guatemalensis Spanish School

Speak Spanish from the first lesson and from the first day of classes. 

     Families with Youth, Youth traveling alone and groups of Youth are welcomed in our program!...and we have the program, care, experience, methodology and knowledge to teach them! Age: 13 - 19

 Interacting with the teacher at a spanish class.   It doesn't matter the age, you can learn the spanish language at Guatemalensis Spanish School.


Night of graduation at the Guatemalensis Spanish School. High School students of Guatemalensis Spanish School at the Chicabal Lagoon.

American high school students of spanish at the pristine hot springs

High School students at the summit of the Santa Maria Volcano.         Other group of high school students at the summit of the Santa Maria Volcano.

High School students at the beach of the Chicabal Lagoon.     Students of the University of Missouri at the Mayan Ruins of Tikal.  

Special packages of studies and activities for groups of students, educators and teachers.



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