High school students learning about the history of Guatemala and Quetzaltenango.



          Many paradisiacal tourist destinations are waiting for your visit, volcanoes, mountains, beaches, lakes, trails, villages, natural reserves, waterfalls, markets, churches, colonial cities, archaeological sites, coffee farms, fauna, flora, landscapes, etc.

          No matter what is the reason for your trip, whether for fun, rest, holidays, health, studies, Xinka Tours always has something to show you.



Guatemala is a country full of nature, landscapes, fauna, landscapes and traditions and Xinka Tours can organize your travel to experience all these places.  Come to enjoy the experience  of take a bath in a natural hot springs located in Quetzaltenango and then make a hiking to enjoy all the landscape.

Guatemala is a pluricultural country

and it is full of colors and traditions.

Only in Quetzaltenango an through Xinka Tours you can see true colorfull indigenous markets.

Our local gastronomy in Quetzaltenango is full of colors and flavors, Xinka Tours is your choice.







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