Knowing the western highland of Guatemala on foot.


To be bilingual is better

Guatemalensis Spanish School 

Is the school abroad you're looking for!       

  Founded in 1990

Travel to Guatemala and studyabroad in Quetzaltenango, use your vacations, learning, getting new experiences, fun! and learn more in less time with our innovative fast learning methodology  

 If you are enrolled at Guatemalensis Spanish School, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful black sand beaches of our pacific coast.

High School students celebrating with the Guatemalensis Spanish School staff at the summit of the Santa Maria volcano.

     Experience, live and learn SPANISH LANGUAGE in the most safe, complete, professional, and guaranteed school enjoy the nature and landscapes of Quetzaltenango in the Western Highland of Guatemala and experience our culture.

     This is an exciting opportunity for you to not only learn the language, but to do so in a Spanish - speaking culture!   We invite you to join us at Guatemalensis in breathtaking Xela, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala where you will be immersed into the language and the culture of Guatemala. 

Come to live the language where professional excellence in teaching is the standard!.

     -Study one-on-one with a certified, experienced  and motivated teacher. Each session is designed to meet your specific needs and goals, allowing you to move at your own pace.

     -Form lasting relationships with a Guatemalan family. Learn more about the Guatemalan way of life and practice with one of our wonderful host families.

     -Get to know the social, political and economic reality of Guatemala through a wide-range of weekly activities and excursions. Hike to the top of a volcano, take a dip in a steamy hot spring, learn how to weave rugs, attend an array of cultural events, and much more.

     Plan now your travel for an unforgettable experience. We promise your time here will be full of great adventures. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  Don't let the opportunity pass you by to Learn in a UNIQUE school abroad that offers, as part of our mission, the most complete, professional, effective, safe and guaranteed language program in all of Guatemala at a very affordable price.    Connecting Cultures!

High School and University students experience the authentic indigenous culture of Guatemala.        

Dynamic students + Experienced and motivated teachers + Safe program and Fastlearning methodology = Success!  

     Why study Spanish? The reasons seem obvious in today's world, knowledge of the Spanish language and those countries and people who speak it is an invaluable asset in the workplace. But beyond that, the ability to communicate with others in their own language is personally enriching in ways that cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Guatemalensis Spanish School students and graduates are known for their contributions to their communities, their country and the world beyond. The ability to speak Spanish creates personal connections and an understanding of other perspectives that make those contributions all the more significant and personally satisfying.

     Our innovative Fastlearning methodology will help you to develop a lot of speaking, reading, listening, writing, communicating, understanding, thinking, translating skills in short time!

       Summer study abroad in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. March to August  2014. One hundred hours of Spanish Classes. A total immersion experience into the Spanish language and the Guatemalan culture from accredited local teachers including many opportunities of conversation. Weekend excursions to amazing villages and touristic places of the western highland of Guatemala, known for its markets and landscapes; to Fuentes Georginas, which is close to the cloudy rainforest and known for its famous hot springs; and to the Chicabal Lagoon, known for its cloudforest and hiking opportunities. Contact us for additional information.

Why study Spanish abroad?

Boost your career

Give back

Enrich your travel experience

Boost your career

     Almost 400 million people in more than 21 countries speak Spanish as their native language, making it the second most commonly spoken language in the world. The growing Spanish-speaking population has been a work opportunity for Spanish-speakers around the world. Studying the language and Hispanic culture is an excellent complement for studies in business, medicine, law, education, theology, public relations or social work. Many of our students have been able to use their skills they acquired at Guatemalensis to move forward in their current jobs or open up new career opportunities.

Give back

     Learning Spanish can also help you help your community. The increasing latino immigrant population in the United States has created a demand for bilingual volunteers. Guatemalensis Spanish School students have worked at schools, clinics, hospitals, and community centers that serve native Spanish-speakers, promoting professionalism and higher education among hispanic youth living in these areas. 

Enrich your Travel experience 

     Guatemala offers beautiful landscapes, beaches, ancient Mayan pyramids, colonial cities and more. A knowledge of the language will help you travel and meet people across the country and across the Spanish-speaking world. With Spanish skills, a trip to Spain or any South or Central American country becomes an opportunity to meet people and change your life and theirs. Speaking the language of a country opens innumberable doors. Be the traveler that walks through them. 



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