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Amazing day and amazing friends at hot springs.


The Spanish that you learn with our program can be focussed and has complete success in all the different fields of the human activity such as:

Hiking to the Chicabal lagoon on the top of the volcano with the same name  Summit of the Tajumulco volcano challenging to all our students.  University students viewing an active crater.


     If you don't have enough time, one or two weeks are enough to learn the basics of the language for travel, this course is based in the Spanish for beginners; through different exercises, conversation, vocabularies, practice and some basic and fundamental grammar rules you will understand and communicate in real situations you will find in your travel. Spanish for tourism, entertainment.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

     The GSS Total Immersion Program is divided only in three levels: for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced students. It is based on the Spanish grammar and through different kinds of exercises, conversation, vocabularies, practice and the learning of fundamental grammar rules you can reach efficiency in more or less four weeks for each level. Normally the majority of students take this program, of course, you don't need to take all the complete program, depending on your available time, resources, needs, interests, and level of Spanish knowledge, you can take one level, two levels, the next level, all the complete Program or less weeksThese programs are also  available for families, children, teens and youth.  Read more


     Besides, our program can be focused on special fields of studies such as: high school, college and university studies and to professional fields such as Medicine, Health Care, Economy, Laws, Bussines, Social Work, Teaching, Theology, Religion, Humanities, Sciences, etc. reinforced with related lectures, vocabularies and activities.

Outdoors. Program focused on hiking, trekking, mountaineering, ecology, environmental, geology fields. For outdoors students and educators.   Read more

Program for groups of youths, educators and teachers. Program for Spanish professors and Spanish teachers. If you want to improve your skills, teaching methods, knowledge, understanding, pronunciation, syntax, conjugation, grammar of the Spanish language to teach it, we can teach you how. Also  preparation for special Spanish tests. Literature and Linguistics.  Read more

Mayan Culture, Anthropology and Archeology  Focused on Mayan culture, history, politics, social research, anthropology, Archeology, society. community,  social programs, sociology, social work and social projects.  Read more

Medical personnel, students of Medicine, Nurses and Doctors.    Read more

Teenagers & children  Read more

Adults, professionals and educators.   Read more

Volunteers It is very important that you speak Spanish at intermediate level at least in order to communicate in social projects in Guatemala and other countries. Guatemalensis Spanish School can make arrangements to put you in contact with some organizations for volunteer work. If you want to do some voluntary work, all places require a commitment of at least 4 weeks for  volunteering. Read more

     According to the school's policy, at the end of your studies you will take a written and/or oral exam to evaluate your progress, this can be used for College and University undergraduate and graduate credits.

     Also, after completing our comprehensive program, you WILL speak a very good level of Spanish. At the end of your studies you will receive a signed and stamped Certificate and Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language. With our program, experience, methodology and  training you will be able to answer any kind of exam.

       All of our teachers and administrative staff  are graduated from fields of teaching and education



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