Pristine Chicabal lagoon, nested in the summit of a volcano, a paradise for photographers. Guatemalensis Spanish School and Xinka tours brings you there.


After a moderate hike of two and half hours you will see this amazing landscape of the Chicabal lagoon.

   Our school's guides can conduct you on many routes where you can find treasures of nature as landscapes are concerned.

 If you like to photography flora, fauna, landscapes, persons, markets, mayan sites, birds, architecture, etc. Guatemalensis Spanish School and Xinka Tours invite you to enroll with us for get great and amazing pictures.

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     Take photos from the summit of mountains, volcanoes, hills, and keep great pictures.

Take pictures of active volcanoes, you can get this opportunity only with the excursions and hikes of Guatemalensis Spanish School and Xinka Tours.

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Santiaguito Active Crater

Chicabal Lagoon

Santa Maria Volcano

Tajumulco Volcano

Pacaya Volcano

San Pedro Volcano

Acatenango Volcano

Fuego Volcano

....and much more!



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