La Muela

Hiking on a lava field.



Description: Half day easy hike to a lookout point on a volcanic lava peak where you can watch our city of Quetzaltenango or Xela and part of our guatemalan western highland.

Classification: half day easy hike.

Altitude: 2,500 mts. (8,202 ft.) above sea level.

Duration: half day.

Ascent: 1 hour up hill.

Required equipment: hiking shoes, warm jacket and clothing.

Best time to do this excursion:  from November to April when there's no rain. It's always cooler in the mountains.

Weather: normally the temperature is freezing in the evening, night and early morning.

Basic requirement: To be in good physical conditioning, not to be sick.



   The city of Quetzaltenango or Xela from the summit of the La Muela peak.


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