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Takalik Abaj is an mayan archeological site, Guatemalensis Spanish School and Xinka Tours can bring you to enjoy the experience of walk in the first place where the mayan culture began in Guatemala.


   Guatemala is full of mayan archaeologial sites, Takalik Abaj is one of them, it is located in the middle of the jungle of the pacific and Xinka Tours and Guatemalensis Spanish School brings you to be witness of this jewel.  With our program at Guatemalensis Spanish School, you will learn a lot about the mayans, their ancestral culture, their constructions.

Takalik Abaj was the first place where the mayans began their travel through Guatemala, do you want to know the real history, come with us, Guatemalensis Spanish School and Xinka Tours brings you.

Description: Easy half day hike/tour into the jungle of this archeological site. You can watch the first constructions made by the mayans into the guatemalan territory and enjoy the nature, weather and fauna at the same time.

Classification: hike/tour in hot weather.

Altitude: 600 mts. (1,969 ft.) above sea level.

Duration: One day.

Departure: 6:00 am.

Required equipment: hiking shoes, light clothing, small backpack, insects repellent.

Best time to do this excursion: All months, specially when there's no rain. It's always hot in the low lands.

Weather: normally the temperature is hot in the day, specially at noon.

Basic requirement: To be in good physical and mental conditioning, not to be sick.

Price: Contact us for prices and possible itineraries: or

transport, admission and guide included

Minimun: 2 persons



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