Many groups of high school students from the USA come to Guatemalensis Spanish School to learn the Spanish Language because of its high standards of quality of teaching.


Who we are and what we do?

GSS teaches Spanish Language as a tool of communication and educates about the Guatemalan culture. Our program is developed for all levels of Spanish Language, from beginners to very advanced students and is based on the fundamentals of 32 years of experience and on rules of the Spanish Royal Academy of the Language.

At Guatemalensis Spanish School you will find a friendly atmosphere and all the ideal conditions for learn the spanish language in the best way.

Best team, best results!


Guatemalensis Spanish School  is hosted in a specially designed and built building for your comfort and security during the learning of the Spanish Language.

Guatemalensis Spanish School is more than a simple spanish school, we are an original, innovative, honest and consistent school and program, other programs talk about Spanish, at GSS you will learn and speak it from the first day of your immersion. 


GSS is an educational year round school centrally located in the historic center of the amazing and beautiful Quetzaltenango, the second most important city of Guatemala in Central America, at 19 Avenida 2-14 Zona 1, in the safest neighborhood of the city at seven blocks from the Central Park of the City (5 - 10 minutes walking).

It was founded, authorized and registered in 1990. It is located in a three floors building specially designed and built to house the school; so, you will study in a clean and comfortable atmosphere and not piled at any rented dirty house, apartment or comercial place.

     *As a result of its high Quality of Teaching, Programs, Methodology, Activities and Excursions, GSS was the FIRST School in Quetzaltenango to be fully Authorized and Registered by the Ministry of Education and the Tourist Commission of Guatemala (Verifiable).

Note: All Spanish Schools in Quetzaltenango (Xela) began to be approved, authorized and Registered in 1990.

     GSS was founded and is managed by Guatemalans, and is a founding member of the Quetzaltenango's Spanish Schools Association.


 GSS is the first school in create, develop and use the outdoors and mountaineering concepts into the Total Immersion Spanish Language Program.

     Through the School you learn to speak, read, understand, write and translate the Spanish language and acquire new experiences and understanding of the life of this country, Guatemala.

     Our main objective is to provide fast and quality learning of an essential tool -foreign language acquisition- for a wide range of interests and professions.  Our methods are modern and are continuously updated. Our system, which was developed by experienced professionals, has proven to be effective with more than 30,000 students. Many students who have lived this Spanish learning experience have satisfied their yearning for successfully communicating in Spanish in a relatively short time.

     We consider the cost of your time and money to learn a language when you are traveling. In GSS you won't waste your time or money, because of our effective teaching methods.

     More than ninety percent of our students first heard about GSS from our graduates. This is the best indication of how our students value their GSS experience. The other ten percent know GSS through Universities, Organizations, Guide Books, Articles, Travel Agencies, Embassies, and Friends. We don't obtain students through contractors!. 



What does the word "Guatemalensis" mean?

The “Guatemalensis” word is a castilianization of the Latin word “Coactemalensis”. Concept for “Guatemala”. The “Guatemalensis” word describes other several meanings associated with plants and animals, but especially we have taken the word Guatemalensis from “Abies guatemalensis” as  the name of a species of conifer in the family Pinaceae. Natural of Central America, the southern Mexico, Guatemala, the northern Honduras and southern El Salvador. Due to loss of its habitat is a species in endangered. The “Guatemalensis” word describes us as a school environmentally responsible, handling ethical behavior to the environment. 

You can find a motivated team of instructors at Guatemalensis Spanish School that can help you to learn more in less time.

Fast & Easy Learning

     "Here at Guatemalensis Spanish School we not discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion, color, creed, race, sex, gender or fitness condition.  At GSS we do our best to prevent unsafe and/or risky activities and situations, and to match you with the best possible instructors and host homes.  Our feelings and thoughts for our students and teachers are: Honesty, Sincerity and Integrity."




There are no classes and activities during Guatemalan and International Holidays. The students must pay the complete week tuition.

Jan. 1st.            New Year's Day

March or April   Holy Thursday (mid-day), Holy Friday and Saturday

Sept.15th.          Independence Day of Guatemala

Dec. 24th.          Christmas Eve (mid-day)

Dec. 25th.          Christmas Day

Dec. 31st.           New Year's Eve (mid-day)


In our Total Immersion Program at Guatemalensis Spanish School you will be speaking spanish from the first day of classes and you will quickly improve your spanish language and communication skills.

We promote a Language,

a Culture and a Country!



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