Spanish for adults, professionals, teachers and educators.


Students from all the world at the Chicabal Lagoon.


  Outdoor activities for all ages.  Taking a rest during a hike.


What makes Guatemalensis Spanish School the leader in Spanish Teaching?

Our Experience, Knowledge, Methodology, Values, Integrity, Service and Honesty.  

       If you are looking for good Spanish Teaching (Teacher, Method, School and Directors), good Activities, good Homestay and a reasonable price, then GSS is your choice. When there are too many offers,  you should be careful in your election. GSS is the best pretext to travel to Guatemala.  GSS is not radically different, just radically better. Come to Live the Language and come to help us to help our people at the same time!

     The Spanish program at GSS is designed to provide students the opportunity to understand the variety and richness of hispanic, indigenous and latin american cultures through the ability to speak, write, read, listen and understand the language. For those students who work to achieve it, a degree of fluency in Spanish is the key that opens the doors of many diverse career and life opportunities. Our alumnae are active in the fields of teaching, business, government, medicine, law and social work, among others.

     With our Immersion Program our students will have the opportunity to get to know about the guatemalan handicrafts, gastronomy, natural medicine, dialects, traditions, folklore, clothing, music, religions, alternative medicine, dancing, literature, and  much more related issues.

      In GSS you decide how much time you have or want to study (from 1 week to 12 weeks or more) and when in the year you want your course to take place!. Besides, it doesn't matter your age,  if you want to learn the Spanish language, you are welcomed.


Any age is good to learn.          Many nationalities sharing friendship at the Chicabal lagoon.

GSS Spanish students of different nationalities hiking at Chicabal Lagoon.

Naturally learn should be fun. The Spanish language is very useful for a wide range of professions.

If you are 18 to 70 + years old, you are welcome in Guatemalensis Spanish School.

All our students learn the best quality of spanish.

GSS students at Sta. Maria volcano summit. (12,375 ft.)

     I believe I have had a good experience in this school, whilst I had studied Spanish a bit before, never in such depth before. I feel that the teachers had a very firm understanding of Spanish Grammar, not only the two teachers that taught me but the others as well. I liked the building as it was spacious and very clean. Whilst I did not go on many excursions, the four that I did go on were very interesting. The management seemed very competent. Richard Dove (Canada)

     I liked this school a lot because I learned a lot, and I had time to learn and explore the area this were very beneficial and enjoyable because along with grammar lessons, I had interesting conversations with my teacher and read lectures over different hispanic cultures. Many days after school, we took trips or had lessons, in order for us to know the area better. Everyone from the school was extremely nice and helpful. Everyone, including my host family, made me feel as if I was family. Coming to Guatemalensis was one of the best choices I could have made, and I plan on returning very soon. Beckee Birger, Chicago, Il., U.S.A.


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