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We at Guatemalensis Spanish School are a team well trained for give you the best quality service teaching the spanisn language in Guatemala.


Students from all the world come to Guatemalensis Spanish School to learn the spanish language and enjoy the nature.

Welcome to the land of the Spanish language and of the origin of the Mayan culture!

If you are looking for a total immersion Spanish language studyabroad program, want to explore an amazing culture and to have a  life changing experience and all for a reasonable price, Guatemalensis Spanish School should be your choice.

Who we are

Guatemalensis Spanish School gives you the opportunity of participate in many outdoor activities, in this form you practice tourism, sport, the language, and get to know the countryside of Guatemala and our city.



Dear Friend:

We, Nora and Rolando, are the founders, directors, managers and certified guides of the successful Guatemalensis Spanish School and Xinka Tour, Tour operator, both located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala would like to receive you as our student to give you the opportunity to learn Spanish through a wonderful experience with us e.g.:

Learning Spanish language in connection with the culture.

Learning about the Guatemalan History and the present lifestyle.

Making studyabroad in Guatemala including adventure, tourism, ecology, outdoors with security.

           There are more than 400 million people in more than 21 countries worldwide waiting to speak in spanish with you!. This makes spanish the second most spoken language in the world.....then learn it!

          Naturally, best done in a country that is privileged with a cultural diversity, four cultures coexist in a wonderful area: the mayan, the ladino, the garifuna and the Xinca cultures, all these expressing their heritage through 22 mayan dialects, spanish, garifuna and xinca languages. Also with a diversity of fauna and flora, amazing landscapes, customs, typical dresses, meals, mayan archaeological sites.

            When you study at Guatemalensis Spanish School, you will start with an introduction to the basic elements of the language, then will be exposed to major vocabularies, verb tenses, and other fundamental components of grammar. All language skills of listening, conversation, speaking, understanding, reading, redaction, essay, writing, etc.,  will be covered, expanding your communicative abilities by acquiring a higher level of grammar competence and vocabulary focusing on communciation in multiple tenses, advanced  grammatical concepts, listening comprehension, reading full texts, and writing.  More advanced reading materials are used in longer passages, both for its literary value and its use as a basis for more complex oral expressions. All this insures confidence in the student's ability to manipulate the language effectively.

            The immersion in the guatemalan culture helps and permits develop all these abilities and skills of the language for communicate information and ideas fastest and easiest. In the field of the businesses are more likely to hire those who are bilingual. Also you will gain a greater appreciation of Hispanic cultures. You will enhance fluency, skills, and vocabulary, which will make you a better traveler, guest, in Spanish-speaking countries you visit. Also you will raise your level of written and spoken Spanish to that of an educated native speaker, making yourself truly and fully bilingual--and you will have a greater appreciation of an important part of yourself.  Our teachers at Guatemalensis Spanish School offer a more personal experience with language, as professors will assist you in applying Spanish to your future goals in your life and to your area of study.


          If you are interested in a full-immersion Spanish study program, our experience and  curriculum will guarantee our service and your success.


            Learn more about our programs and please ask us for our special packages of studies, excursions and activities for teachers and professors wishing to travel with groups of students to studyabroad Spanish.

 If you have any questions, please email us at  gssxela@yahoo.com 


             Also thanks for helping to spread the word about Guatemalensis Spanish School. 



             Sincerely Yours,


                  Nora & Rolando Herrera,

             Directors &

             Professional Guides.

             Guatemalensis Spanish School

             19 Avenida 2-14 Zona 1
             Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.


Group of students from different nationalities enjoying the adventure in one of the volcanoes of Guatemala

Directors and students of Guatemalensis Spanish School at the summit of a volcano at 13,147 ft.!

In the program of Guatemalensis Spanish School you receive professional information about all the colonial history of guatemala.

City and villages tours guided by professional, registered and certified guides.



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