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Many mesoamerican cultures developed their presence in the central highland of Guatemala.

We move the limits, Spanish for all!

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     Guatemalensis an integral, safe and human school.

Learn Spanish in a real school with Life and Purpose and have an unforgettable experience.

Why choose Guatemalensis?

Because we have and we can offer you:

The best program and school in town,

 The best team of teachers,

 The best program of activities and excursions,

The best host homes,

The most complete, professional, dynamic, motivating, safe, honest, successful, and guaranteed Spanish Language total immersion Program in Guatemala, thought, designed and developed especially for you!! 

The best program of studies where you really learn Spanish and really experience the culture, the outdoors and the adventure! and of course, the best price!


Explore and Discover the magic side of Guatemala with us!

Learn and Practice the language

     Study, learn, practice and improve your Spanish language in connection with the culture with safety. Guatemalensis Spanish School is located in Quetzaltenango, (known as: Xela) in the western highland of Guatemala C. A. and wants to give you the welcome to learn a new and useful language through a wonderful experience with us. If you want to travel in Latin America and are interested in a good quality total-immersion in the language and a safe study abroad experience, GSS is the school abroad you're looking for!    Read More

     GSS teaches Spanish Language as a tool of communication and educates about the Guatemalan culture. Our program is developed for all levels of Spanish Language, from beginners to very advanced students and is based on the fundamentals of the Spanish Royal Academy of the Language. Read more

Explore and discover the culture and landscapes of the western highland

     Explore, experience and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of Guatemala with a staff with 38 years of success organizing, leadering and guiding excursions in all Guatemala!              Read more  

     Come to enjoy the amazing flavors of all of our gastronomy, of the best coffee of the world, of the ancestral chocolate, of the most tasty and ripe fruits, of the most natural and organic vegetables and meats, relishing dishes from the mayan gastronomy to the spaniard cuisine influence.  Read more

Study Abroad in Quetzaltenango

     Know and experience the present guatemalan culture, its literature and the mayan civilization heritage. Guatemalensis Spanish School has 25 years of success teaching the Spanish language and connecting cultures.    Read more

     Study Abroad in Guatemala, Travel to Guatemala to use your vacations, learning, getting new experiences, fun! and learn more in less time with our innovative fast learning methodology  

     So, you need to learn Spanish in a TOP SCHOOL with life and purpose completely different to all! please continue visiting our website to learn more about our program. If you have any questions, then please email us.  

     Although I still have a lot of work to do to improve my spanish skills, I fell I have made tremendous progress due to the high quality of the instruction at Guatemalensis. I have spent years trying to learn on my own without formal instruction, but have been unsuccessful. I have a strong base on which to build now. I will be back. Chris Coutts. U.S.A.

      My time spent in Xela studying at Guatemalensis Spanish School was worthwhile. My ability to speak and to understand Spanish improved considerably. The directors and teachers helped with anything I needed. It is a great place to learn more Spanish and more about the people and culture of Guatemala. Clair Wolters.

       If you are looking for a great Spanish School. This is it. Great place great people!!! the experience of a lifetime!! Dan Norman. U.S.A.

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Celebrating 26 years of excellence and success teaching spanish language to thousands of satisfied students from all the  world!

Ask for our Spanish programs and special packages for groups of teens, youths, university students and educators.

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